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Japanese Imperial Naval Dagger

Article about: Got this naval dagger yesterday, its a US vet bring back. I think its a nice addition to my NCO gunto 95 ( i also bought a nice Original NCO leather tassel which is on its way to me) This is

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    AS Jareth mentioned its a common edition of the 1883 pattern.
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    Very nice Ger, there was a thread on this type of Dirk, on the forum a few years ago, and it was agreed that these are becoming very difficult to obtain in good condition, that blade is excellent

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    Not something I know anything about, but I can appreciate the quality and workmanship of this item. It looks very nice indeed.

    Cheers, Ade.
    What Ade said.

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    Thank you Dave & Scout for your reply, and your right Dave, these daggers in good shape are hard to find these days.
    They are not common at all, and these markings where often used by the owners themself, so they would not mix up parts during maintance.
    Japanese also used western sylables.
    When you Collect German Daggers its Always nice see one who is personalized, i think it adds something to this dagger.
    Having it in hand it does not do this dagger any wrong.


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    They are still common in the late edition. The ones with hand ingravings on fittings, forge/old blades and shark/rayskin scabbards are much rare.
    They pop up on ebay near every day.

    My dirks....

    Heres two to compare in size , the large one has a 1500's blade mounted. The other has a meiji period blade with hamon.

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