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Japanese Nambu Pistol Belt and Pouch

Article about: Hi all. I picked this up with some other bits and think I have correctly identified it as a Nambu pistol belt and pouch. I know that the Nambu was in service for many years, but is there a w

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    Here's a couple of pics of period original pistol belt buckles, both the leather and rubberized ones. Note in both cases the end of the belt goes past the buckle and is then stitched down, that seems to be a standard feature.


    Attachment 911716

    Attachment 911717
    Thanks for that Rod. Assuming mine is a reproduction then, it seems a bit remiss of the manufacturer to not stitch the ends, given that it would be a fairly simple thing to do and up to that point it looks like they had done a pretty good job of reproducing the belt. I don't suppose you have a pouch to compare as well do you?

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    Sorry, I don't have a pouch. In fact I've never seen one up close and personal, only in pics. And then not along side the belt in question.


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    I would add the option of submitting pics. of your pouch/belt to the Japanese sub forum over at Gunboards. Many nambu pistol/pistol related collectors over there who can help out. If legit., quite a pricey set there.


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