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japanese Naval Helmet ?

Article about: Hi! I just purchased this helmet at an Estate Sale down the road. I was told it was from WW1 although I think WW2 is more likely. I still thought it was a great helmet though and was given a

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    That's one hell of a bargain at $35!!
    I would leave it as is too, it's already lasted almost 70 years
    in a barn, I'm sure you will treat it better.


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    Default Re: japanese Naval Helmet ?

    Quote by davejb View Post
    All i can say to that is that museums use Ren wax on PRICELESS items in order to protect from environmental exposure, and it certainly will not have a great deal of difference in de-valueing the helmet if any at all, there are members here that use it on their daggers which are worth a great deal more than most helmets
    On daggers, bladed weapons, ornamentation, and other fairly smooth surfaces yes, on rough textured helmet paint or salty surfaces not so much.
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