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Japanese Navy Canteen

Article about: Have had this one lying around for a many years. Pulled it out today as I'm slowly (very slowly) starting to photograph everything I have. From what I understand, it is the officers model bu

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    Quote by RussM View Post
    Here's a pic of the 3 button tunic in wear.

    They also appear to be wearing the early 2 piece wool/felt insignia and leather chin strap on the wool cap.


    Normally this is recognize for nlf troops but after all this new information it not is more sure, can be this tunic a generic navy uniform? Very interesting the navy black shoes in the picture

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    The 3 button tunics I’ve seen for sale did not have the shoulder boards like these two. They were all up for sale as NLF tunics.



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    Default Shanghai Special Naval Land Force

    I know some of you guys are interested in the SNLF.

    A collector I know in Hong Kong sent me these images. Someone bought them and was showing them off on Facebook, so my HK contact passed the images along to me because of my interest in jukenjutsu.

    The bayonet fencing [jūkenjutsu] 1st level black belt certificate is to Seaman First Class Suzuki:
    Navy Seaman First Class Suzuki Isamu

    Jūkenjutsu Shodan

    Showa 12th Year [1937], February 15th

    Signed by
    Shanghai Navy Special Land Force Corps Commander

    Kaigun-shōshō Ōkawachi Denshichi [Hiroshichi?]
    Navy Rear Admiral Ōkawachi Denshichi
    The wiki article says his name is "Denshichi", but I wonder if it is actually Hiroshichi? He was the SNLF commander from 1936

    The photos show Seaman Suzuki with his unit and with a couple of training partners.

    These are the only photos I have ... so do not send me requests for "more, bigger, better". (^__^)


    1936年、上海の日本租界の警備にあたる上海海軍特別陸戦隊の司令官に就任。在職中の翌1937年に日中 戦争が勃発した。国際都市である上海を重視する中国国民党軍は、上海駐留の日本軍が手薄な状態なのに乗じて 攻撃をかけた(第二次上海事変)。中国軍は、日本軍の戦力を二分する作戦を採用し、日本租界を包囲して特に 海軍陸戦隊本部に集中攻撃をかけた。大川内は多勢の中国軍を相手に少数の将兵をもって善戦し、上海派遣軍が 来援するまでの約3ヶ月間猛攻撃に耐えた。

    Google Translate says:
    In 1936 he took over as the commander of the Shanghai Navy Special Land Force Corps serving Shanghai's Japanese concession guard. The Japan - China war broke out in 1937, the next year in office. The Chinese KMT Army, which placed importance on Shanghai -- an international city -- multiplied by the Japanese army stationed in Shanghai in a state of weakness (2nd Shanghai Incident). The Chinese Army adopted a strategy to halve the strength of the Japanese army, besieged the Japanese concession and especially concentrated on the Navy Fighting Headquarters headquarters. Ohkawauchi fought well with a number of Chinese soldiers with a few soldiers and endured the onslaught for about three months until the Shanghai dispatch troops came.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Japanese Navy Canteen   Japanese Navy Canteen  

    Japanese Navy Canteen   Japanese Navy Canteen  

    Japanese Navy Canteen   Japanese Navy Canteen  

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    Interesting set. I think the Shanghai SNLF used that motor pool area a lot for pics. Here is a member of the Shanghai SNLF in what looks like the same car bay area.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Japanese Navy Canteen  

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