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Japanese Personal Kit

Article about: The sack does not belong to me. But nice reading! NH

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    The sack does not belong to me. But nice reading! NH

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    Very nice, un-issued items like that are not easy to find, the belt especially would be quiet valuable. Presumably you are sure of authenticity?

    Quote by Neil Hever View Post
    I just started a Japanese army collection/display last year. This is an inspiration for me to track down personal items. I did just get a pair of unissued Army socks. Here are a few select items from my collection. Tropical cap, unissued leggings and and unissued belt. NH

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    The belt pictured above is most definitely original. For those starting a collection - leather will be your most expensive purchases. Mint belts run around 250 to 300 US. Boots are in the 300 to 400 US range. A complete set of 3 ammo pouches will run around 1,000 US. But many cloth items like shirts, pants and jackets are very affordable. NH

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    I have never even seen an un-issued belt before, so thanks for showing it. I have been astonished at the prices being paid even for well used ones.

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    Neil: Oops!

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    No problem! Glad you know Kanji. NH

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