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Japanese sake bottle and cups

Article about: Hello everyone, Recently picked up some more Japanese Sake cups and a bottle on another trip to Tokyo. I don't really know what to look for with these so I just got ones that were interestin

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    Cup 5


    4th Konoe Inf.

    Soldier’s name on bottom:

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    Thank you gents for the replies. With a little more knowledge on these since my last trip I managed to find a fair amount of cups but most of them just seemed to have the generic crossed national and battle flags. I regret not picking up a horse one that I saw but I was fast running out of cash there. It was quite a big market and that was the only bottle I was able to find that I could positively identify as army/navy. With the look of the helmet and gunto design, it was always coming home with me. Funny thing is that I didn't even notice the turtle before Alan pointed it out.

    Thank you very much for the translations Guy - much appreciated. Im assuming cup 3 is something to do with the IJN.


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    Quote by Alex W View Post
    ... Im assuming cup 3 is something to do with the IJN.
    Hi Alex,

    Yes, it is a memento of Mr. Okuyama serving his full term.

    Manki Kinen
    Full-term Commemoration

    Sailor's name:

    -- Guy

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