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Japanese summer flight helmet for review

Article about: Worn versions must be very rare as I assume most of them went down with the pilot somewhere over the pacific, and I dont think I ever saw a named one anywhere, I think the price I paid was v

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    Default Japanese summer flight helmet for review

    Hi All,
    I am being offered this IJA leather summer flight helmet, from my research it looks to be a nice original one, possibly unissued, the seller states this is a fighter helmet and is marked and dated 1944, I just want to make sure everything lines up ok before pulling the trigger, if anyone has one of these or can help with authenticating it that would be very much so appreciated! also the price is around the 300 mark, sound fair? Thank you for any help!
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	$(KGrHqR,!jgFJsiUGB1rBSdCy(e!0!~~60_57.JPG 
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Name:	$T2eC16h,!zIFIfKIeeBkBSdDDUT3(!~~60_57.jpg 
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Name:	$(KGrHqN,!rEFJiHfbNiNBSdCyq1nEg~~60_57.JPG 
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Name:	$(KGrHqR,!rIFJZ(Pm-zWBSdCzHoTwg~~60_57.JPG 
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Name:	$(KGrHqJ,!qQFJVtCKeu5BSdCy4nR0!~~60_57.JPG 
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ID:	598841

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    It is an IJA Summer Flight Helmet, and it's 1944 made.

    Looks ok from the photos, but I'm curious about the leather star insignia. Might need another pic for the inner stitching of the star insignia.


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    Thank you taka, I will request a photo of the inner stitching of the star.

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    Here is the photo requested of the inside stitching of the star, here is what the seller told me about it...."There is no circular stitch but a rectangular one. the stitches seem the same dimensions as the ends of the straps which appear at the end of the helmet. images of the rectangular stitch and the opposite outside of the helmet showing the straps are attached"
    Does this appear correct? Thank you for helping
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMAG1182.jpg 
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Name:	IMAG1183.jpg 
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    Hi John,

    Probably the best IJA Fighter Pilot Helmet I've ever seen. There are many different types of star insignias, small, large, or no star at all.

    I think for 300 is reasonable for this example.

    Best regards,

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    Thank you, I think I will pick this one up, it does look really nice and clean.

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    Anyone else have one of these for comparisons sake?

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    Cap is totally correct & original. All I can add is these are usually found in mint unissued condition& this is the most common variation

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    Thank you jareth, even for being a common one I think they are still pretty rare in any condition.

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    Yes I agree. I used to have a large collection of both army & navy flight caps. Finding named/ issued examples in good condition is the real challenge

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