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Japanese Sword WWII

Article about: by ghp95134 Hi Bob, I don't have a dog in this fight; however, I agree with you 100% up to a point. If one has a valuable blade, then the better choice is to send it to a LICENSED togishi. H

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    I'm not into collecting any Japanese militaria but I must say that the breadth of knowledge that collectors like Bob Coleman, ghp95134 and others have is mighty impressive. This is fascinating stuff!

    What is the significance of the red wasp or whatever on the grips?


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    Thanks for all your help Guys! I had to break out the DSLR to get some better pics. Hope these help. There are no markings on the opposite side. Japanese Sword WWIIJapanese Sword WWII

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    Okay! Now I can read the last two kanji: Sukesada.


    Dunno if that's good or not. But it would be a lot better if the blade were in better polish. [And I mean "professional Japanese polish" ... not polished by sandpaper and buffing wheel!]


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    Thanks Guy, it that possible? To have it professionally Japanese polished? My grandpa said he never touched the blade other than to put Vaseline on it. It does have some dings and marks on it but I would assume that was from actual battle?

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    Hi Matty,

    You can have it professionally polished, but doing it the right way (by a Japanese sword specialist) is pricey... $100+ per inch of blade.

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    Wow. That is pricey. Would that be done in the states or would you have to send it to Japan?

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    There are people here in the states that have been professionally and traditionally trained to do the polishing.

    Take a look here...

    Japanese Swords Japanese Sword Information Antique Japanese Sword Japanese Samurai Swords Japanese Katana Swords Japanese Swords For Sale Nihonto japanese sword polishing

    - - Updated - -

    I posted my own japanese sword here a couple weeks back and that is the website I was instructed to look at for sword polishing.

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    Thanks Doug! Looks really cool

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    No problem! People that are specialized in the polishing and restoration of the swords. Sometimes getting it cleaned up raises its value, thus making the investment worth it. But as others have said there are other less expensive ways to keep the sword blade in good shape. The only advice I can offer on keeping the blade clean is to not touch it with your hands, as oils on your skin can get into the blade and cause small dots of rust to appear. Always handle the blade with a clean and dry cloth, keeping your hands free of the blade.

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    Just found this link to David Hofhine who charges $79/inch plus shipping.

    If you require only a "finish polish" ...
    Finish Polish Current Prices:

    Under 10" = $295
    10" - 14" = $395
    14" - 18" = $495
    18" - 22" = $595
    22" - 25" = $695
    25" - 28" = $795
    28" - 32" = $895
    He shows a before and after of a SUKESADA wakizashi:

    Hmmmmmmm ......


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