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Japanese Sword WWII

Article about: by ghp95134 Hi Bob, I don't have a dog in this fight; however, I agree with you 100% up to a point. If one has a valuable blade, then the better choice is to send it to a LICENSED togishi. H

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    Default Japanese Sword WWII

    This is from my Grandpa's collection that he recently gave to me. He got it in 1945 when overseas in the service. I am trying to identify it and find out some history about it so that I can tell him. I plan on keeping this sword and handing it down to my son as it was handed down to me. I would also like to know an approx value to see if I need to claim this on my homeowners insurance. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I can take more pictures if necessary. It measures about 27 inches long and seems to have a red wasp or flying insect that is under the cloth on both sides. Japanese Sword WWIIJapanese Sword WWIIJapanese Sword WWIIJapanese Sword WWIIJapanese Sword WWIIJapanese Sword WWIIJapanese Sword WWIIJapanese Sword WWIIJapanese Sword WWIIJapanese Sword WWIIJapanese Sword WWII

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    Default Re: Japanese Sword WWII

    Nice looking sword! Someone will be along shortly to tell you all about it. What ever you do, don't clean the blade! Also, don't touch the black rust on the tang!

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    Default Re: Japanese Sword WWII

    Thank you! I will not touch it. My grandpa tolde to put Vaseline on rhe blade to protect against fingerprints. I got some but have not put any on yet.

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    Default Re: Japanese Sword WWII

    I can't help you with the sword but I would like to pass on my feeling of relief and thanks that you intend to keep the sword in your family. Many members turn up here after getting hold of or inheriting a family member's mementos and all they ask is 'is it real and what's it worth?'.
    All they want to do is make a buck and any feeling of sentiment or family history is hidden behind the thought of money.

    Kudos to you and your intentions. I hope your son will do the same in time.

    There is another product which is better than vaseline - renaissance wax I think - that collectors use on blades. Someone here will be able to confirm.

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    Default Re: Japanese Sword WWII

    Thank you for your kind words. My grandfather is 88 years old and I am so proud of the man that he is. I would never think of selling his sword. I will hold it in my home for my son and my son's son as a symbol of bravery, honor and respect. I only ask for help to identify and aid in the care and preservation. I would like to know a value so I can add it to my homeowner's insurance policy.

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    Default Re: Japanese Sword WWII

    I'm not even sure about the Vaseline or ren wax, Matty and Adrian... I'd wait for some of the more experienced Japanese sword collectors to weigh in on the subject.

    I will say that you can buy preserving materials made especially for Japanese swords. One such material is a type of powder... But I won't say too much more...

    The sword has survived this long without being messed with. Let it be for now until an authority can advise you.

    Matty, I'm sure I speak for a lot of forum members in saying that we would like to hear your grandfather's wartime experience! It must have been quite interesting if he came back with so many nice souvenirs!

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    Default Re: Japanese Sword WWII

    I wonder how many of us with Dads who Served in the Far-East/Pacific Theatre will inherete one of these some day? I know I will, my Dad has one stashed away in his place. The iconic Veteran bring back from the War with Japan. Thanks for sharing.
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    Default Re: Japanese Sword WWII

    The writing on your wakizashi (short sword) tang is most likely

    Yokoyama Kozuke Daijo Fujiwara Sukesada

    I can clearly read the portions above in green; but don't know about the rest. Another sword by this maker (or same-named maker). 上野 is normally read "Ueno", but in this case (and some other usages) it is "Kozuke." Who woulda guessed!


    Another wakizashi in full polish (large file)
    A00177 g摜1

    another Long sword

    But, I might be wrong. Wait for Bob Coleman to review my findings.


    [edit: is there writing on the other side of the tang? I saw two examples during my search that do.]
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    Default Re: Japanese Sword WWII

    We certainly need a clearer picture of the signature on the nakago. Presently, your picture presents us with undefined kanji that have to be read SIDEWAYS! The signature should be viewed with the top of the tang being the end close to the cutting edge and the butt of the tang down. It appears that ghp95134 has the translation correctly. We need a good shot to verify if the signature has a chance of being correct.
    If you need to protect your blade with something, oil of clove is the traditional preservative. You can buy a sword maintance kit and it will include a small bottle of the product. Vaseline or wax will only clog up the inside of your scabbard and is not recommended. Unlike other edged weapons, the Japanese sword blade is laminated and some foreign coatings can actually penetrate the laminated stee.


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    Default Re: Japanese Sword WWII

    Look forward to better pics

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