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Japanese Wakizashi

Article about: We all have our expert fields. This is certainly not one of mine, but I bet there's someone out there that can tell me it a "pup" or not? I took it in trad

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    Wow. That is some knowledge you have Dave. This is interesting as I thought it was a pup 😅 I have ordered some Japanese Waterstones . .I was going to have a go at cleaning it up. I might leave it alone now in case I ruin it.... you've made my day 😅

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    It is better to leave it as is then try to use stones on the blade without training. It is not uncommon to find unsigned wakizashi from the 17th and 18th c. They are still hand forged but mass produced to fill an order by either a daimyo or a sword merchant.


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    Leaving it alone would be the path of wisdom. The scabbard looks to be covered with lacquered sharkskin, (shagreen) though it could be Ray (Same), usually the mark of decent or valued blade. As far as I have been able to to find out these swords are usually blades considered at the time to be at the end of their working life and mounted cheaply with re-used bits ready for one last battle. The demise of the Samurai system and the advent of the IJA made them obsolete, so they never went to that last battle.

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    Well leave it alone I will, it cost me 250 in trades, so I think that's an ok deal, trouble is, I now have to find that money from my bank account to pay my business back the money

    Thanks so much fellas, and the link was really interesting Dave, thanks................................... but a lot of it went straight over my head

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    $250, you did well... as my mentor said, expect to pay 400 ($578) for shabby Wakizashi.

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    Hello Dave,
    I meant no disrespect. That is a great link and one of the sites that I have been a member since 2008 and also a site I lost when my PC crashed. I appreciate you bring it up, as now its saved in my favorites once again. I have always been I student in learning and hence my questions.

    To John,
    I hope all is well with all on that Ilse of yours. Nice trade for a good price, That bad boy does need some TLC. But make sure it is done by a Pro

    Semper Fi

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