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Japanese WWII Body Armor

Article about: Hello all,I am very excited to be able to share my new example of an original "Iron Self Defense Waistcoat" I have seen them only in photographs before now! I know there are differ

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    Nice addition Geoff. As mentioned if you could afford to buy one I guess it would be allowed. Doubt you'll ever see this type of armor being worn in a period photo. I believe it would be worn underneath tunic/uniform. Be great to get full translation of label, charm pocket kanji & hand written kanji. I don't think this armor would be effective against US ammo but more a psychological type of protection. Might have its benefits against shrapnel.

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    Good to hear from you Jareth! I have to agree with you and MAP on the effectiveness of this vest against the US ammo but I guess some is better than none. I am hoping our friends will be by to help with the markings.Regards,Geoff

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    Your wish is my command:

    名古屋 山中
    Nagoya Yamanaka
    [Yamanaka is a Ward in Nagoya]

    Buun Chōkyū
    Eternal Luck in the Fortunes of War

    贈 矢吹君
    Zo Yabuki-kun
    Gift to Mr. Yabuki

    Buun Chōkyū

    New Design Patent Pending

    Kimura Version

    Self-Defense Use Iron Jockey [jacket]


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