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Japenese soldiers glasses?

Article about: Hi All, I picked these up to add some personal touch to my pacific theater items, they are broken and the story goes they were taken off a japanese soldier, not sure dead or alive, but anywa

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    Default Re: Japenese soldiers glasses?

    That would be too cool! My mother-in-law's cousin was Horii Toshihide the swordsmith who ran the forge in Muroran (Hokkaido) at Japan Steel. He was contracted to forge the Gensui-to for Field Marshall grade generals. As I recall, he died half-way through the contract (14 swords?) and his son finished the contract. Their other swords are also very highly regarded. Wifie's grandfather collected swords (he was related to the Mitsubishi Iwasaki family and was the Japan Steel pharmacist); but all the swords -- about 10 -- went to wifie's cousin who still lives in Hokkaido.

    I was told I could have one ..... but that has not happened.

    Oh well.

    I did ask my F-i-L about his sword, but he was 90 at the time and couldn't really remember. His family was a well-placed family in Muroran, so I'm certain it would have been nice. He gave it up during the surrender. I'm pretty certain it would not have been a Horii sword because he was still single then and was not dating his future wife at the time.

    [edit: forgot to say that I have a standing offer to visit the forge, which is still run by Japan Steel, and a Horii is still the swordsmith there. Hopefully someday I'll be able to visit -- I go to Hokkaido about every couple of years.]

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    Default Blade by Horii Toshihide

    Too bad it wasn't a blade like this one!

    Signature: Horii ToshiHide Saku, Showa 16 8th month.
    Year Made: 1941
    Forging Pattern: Tight Itame
    Tempering Pattern: Gunome
    Dimensions: Blade Length: 26.2 34", Nakago: 8.5", Mihaba: 1 1/4", Sakihaba: 7/8", Kasane: 5/16", Sori: 9/16"
    Mountings: Shirasaya with one piece silver foil Habaki
    Condition: Excellent. Recently restored. He was born in Shiga Prefecture in 1886, ToshiHide was one of the pre-eminent smiths of his time and was also know as KaneAki or HideAki. When the crown prince was born in 1933, he changed his name to ToshiHide, concerned that his name contained the same Aki character as the prince. He is listed as a High to Superior Grade Gendai smith and was awarded a Special Honor Noted Seat in the 1941 Exhibition. Please see 807kat4 for another sword by this smith signed HideAki


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    Default Re: Japenese soldiers glasses?

    He must have been almost blind, the lenses are that thick they are like jam jar bottoms!!

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    Default Re: Japenese soldiers glasses?

    Haha ben thats a good one, I better not let the sunlight hit them while displayed or they may burn my house down!

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