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神 kamikaze 風

Article about: Yasukuni Shrine and the Yūshūkan (museum) in Chiyoda, Tokyo..Yasukuni Shrine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia note Kamikaze Pilot Commemoration Statue..these photos are from my l

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    a facinating and informative thread and one i will follow

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    Interesting subject. Good thread.

    As other suicide missions were mentioned; the Luftwaffe also entertained the idea of 'ramming tactics' in the later stages of WWII.

    Quote by Dean View Post
    Take, this was a great idea to start this thread. You're correct about not many knowing the truth or really much of anything about these brave soldiers. I heard the midget-subs were hell to operate. The temperature in them was about 120 degrees, Fahrenheit ! I bet to the men inside them, death was welcomed after a short time riding in them. There were blades on the front so they could cut through the torpedo nets under water. One made it into Pearl Harbor, from what I remember.

    Daniel1234: I love that move,"Empire of the Sun". Starring Christian Bale as a young boy. When I was about eight years old, my aunt bought a used VCR and this video tape was still inside, so we watched it. It was my favorite movie and I watched it over and over. I really identified with the boy in the film at the time. If you have not seen it yet, then I HIGHLY suggest it!
    I remember the 'P-51 Cadillac of the sky!' scene vividly. Very well made/filmed.

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    Ive seen them a few times since 2003 but im mostly there on a weekend,they stand and face the shrine,men in ww2 uniforms with flags and some women..they often sit at a small cafe just outside the shrine...and yes ive seen that book and there are some others too,dont mention the Thai Burma railway, i got a really unusual response to that(they have a train from the Thai/Burma railway at the museum entrance)

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    Quote by bboywizard View Post
    If anyone gets the chance to go to Tokyo Yasukuni Shrine The museum here has some very interesting items(very limited English translations)..the war in Japan is discussed in a very different way to how it is in the west,from my very bad Japanese translations i think it gets to like 1942 and basically says "some mistakes were made"...I always go to Yasukuni Jinja when im there,but it remains a very controversial place as convicted war criminals ashes are there..on a side note, there is an almost permanent presence of modern militarists dressed in ww2 garb singing period songs really is unlike any other shrine/museum ..another Japanese shrine and memorial garden is in Cowra Australia where the Japanese orchestrated a mass breakout Cowra breakout, 1944 - Fact sheet 198 many choosing suicide rather than recapture
    I would like to go there as well, or the people all over Japan should visit there to know more about the history.

    One thing that I want to say is that, they should n' t use the word 戦犯 Senpan - Military Criminals on the Yasukuni Shrine. This particular place is to remember the ones who gave their lives to protect their homeland and families. From what I heard and saw that from time to time pretty much only Chinese and Koreans (They didn' t even win the war, just assisted by allied forces) are protesting about Japanese PMs visiting the Yasukuni Shrine. There is nothing wrong to visit and remember the fallen soldiers.


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    Quote by ghp95134 View Post
    I've been there a couple of times and never saw the modern militarists -- is this something new? Last time I was there was on a weekday in 2005, I think.

    What I remember most (and it REALLY struck me) other than the poignant "Kamikaze Last Letters Home" -- was a book sold in the giftshop. The book was a revisionistic history of the atrocities done in China and attempted to explain how all the photos of beheadings and other atrocities were photo-manipulations. Disgusting! Hell, just say "we did wrong, Mea Maxima Culpa!"

    I think it is this book (now in English) What Really Happened in Nanking --but it was in Japanese.

    I recall seeing photos of executions, or post execution, with highlighted areas to "show" why the photo was "photoshopped". I recall something like "A decapitated head held by the ear would not hang at this angle. This photo was manipulated by Communists." [NB: That may not be an accurate memory on my part -- but it illustrates what the book was trying to convey.]

    Although this isn't part of the Kamikaze topic, it is another interesting one of Japan was being bad (covered up truth).
    But I don' t think is a good idea (really want to discuss personally) to express it here in China. (Maybe the Chinese "spies" are watching this web too.
    So I will just "stay quiet" for this topic.

    Thank you everyone for commenting supporting our thread so far. 有り難う御座います! Arigatougozaimasu - Thank you in Japanese.


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    Default 對不起


    對不起! I forgot about modern China. Sorry for going off-topic.

    m(_ _)m


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    No problem, Guy-san.
    It' s a place for us to express our thoughts.


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    This is a super thread! Learning alot and thanks for taking the time to post your research

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    At the beginning of WWII (1941) at Eastern Front. (Battle for Moscow) Soviet Red Army Airforce organized a unit for specifically ramming their fighters (I-16) at German bombers. The method was called Таран (Eng. Taran) in Russian. This method was different from that of Kamikaze because Taran was much able to be parachuted out (higher survival rate) before or after crashing into the targets. One pilot was able to survive after conducting 4 Taran attacks! However due to the growing loss rate, Taran was prohibited, but some pilots did continue using Taran when their fighters were hit during mid-half of the war. (This would be categorize as Ket-shi attack)

    神 kamikaze 風 Photo (Left): A Polikarpov I-16 "Rata" is preparing for a take-off. (Date unknown)
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    Thankyou Shindenkai..I dont want to go off topic with this already incredible thread.....The Nanking topic would be for another another time..which may generate anti Japanese sentiment....which will lead to deletion of the post if it is continued on the Kamikaze thread.
    All discussions are welcome if held in their appropriate forums and shared respectively in content and fact...but not leaning towards political and abuse of a people in negative comments. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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