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神 kamikaze 風

Article about: Yasukuni Shrine and the Yūshūkan (museum) in Chiyoda, Tokyo..Yasukuni Shrine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia note Kamikaze Pilot Commemoration Statue..these photos are from my l

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    Hi Taka-san
    Another great thread.Thanks for helping us have a better understanding of the war from a Japanese perspective.


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    特攻第號  Tokkou No. 0

    久納好孚 Koufu Kuno

    Many historical accounts mentioned that the first pilot who conducted Tokkou was said to be Lt. Colonel Yukio Seki ( 行男). However, the first pilot who didn't return from Tokkou was Major Koufu Kuno (久納 好孚).

    Major Kuno was a Gaku-to Hei (Student Soldier). Kuno was in one of the newly formed Tokkou Groups, The Yamato Group. On the 21st of October 1944, Kuno and one of his teammates departed on their bomb-laden (250 kg) Zero Fighters, and a single fighter escort (Zero) from an airbase of Cebu, Philippines. Due to the harsh weather, no targets were sighted and they have to abort the mission. Two of the aircraft managed to return to the base except for Kuno. A day before his final mission, he told his colleagues that he will never return to base no matter what, if he can't commit a Tokkou attack, he will flew to Leyte Gulf, instead.

    There were no records of U.S. ships damaged by Shinpu Attack on that day, and there were only records of aircraft that didn't return to base for the Japanese.

    Without any supportive evidence, Kuno was not to be authorized as the No. 1 Tokkou pilot.

    A month later, Kuno' s "Tokkou death" was announced to all military Department, and received a special two rank promotion as a Major. He was 23 years old.

    神 kamikaze 風 Photo (Left): Major Koufu Kuno (久納好孚)
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    Philippine Island Tokkou Missions

    On October 20th, 1944. 4 groups of Tokkotai were formed: Shikishima-tai (敷島隊), Yamato-tai (大和隊), Asahi-tai (朝日隊), and Yamazakura-tai (山桜隊).

    Two more groups were formed on the 22nd: Kikusui-tai (菊水隊), and Wakazakura-tai (若桜隊). Both groups were equipted with "Zero Bombers".

    On the 26th: Hazakura-tai (葉桜隊), and Hatsuzakura-tai (初桜隊).

    Also on the 25th, a group consist of Yokosuka D4Y Dive-bombers "Judy" was formed: Suisei-tai (彗星隊)

    Cebu Airbase: Yamato-tai

    Mabalacat Airbase: Shikishima-tai, Asahi-tai, and Yamazakura-tai.

    Shouwa 19 (1944)

    October 21st

    At 13:30, fighters from U.S. Escort Carrier Suwanee (CVE-27) made air-raids on Japanese airfields of Cebu and Opon. The fighters destroyed few Zeroes

    that were warming up on the runway of Cebu Base. One Zero was later shot down by a fighter from the Suwanee.

    The Japanese was able to detect the U.S. carrier forces (100 Degree, 235 Nautical mile) from Cebu.

    The forces include 2 large carriers, and 2 light carriers.

    At 14:30, just when the Shinpu Tokkou-tai of Yamato-tai' s Zeroes were about to take-off, U.S. enemy fighters made a suprise attack, and 6 Zeroes were


    At 14:30, just when the Shinpu Tokkou-tai of Yamato-tai' s Zeroes were about to take-off, U.S. enemy fighters made a suprise attack, and 6 Zeroes were


    The Japanese force than quikly reacted by preparing few spare aircraft, at 16:45, 3 aircraft (led by Major Koufu Kuno) were able to took off from Cebu Airbase.

    They were flying at eastern ocean of Leyte Gulf were the U.S. carriers located. However, due to unstable weather, Kuno was separated from the group and reported missing.

    The other two Zeroes were able to return to the airfield.

    Record (MIA/KIA):

    Yamato-tai (Cebu)
    Zero x1
    久納好孚 少佐 Major. Koufu Kuno (Last Location - 90 Degree, 185 nm off Cebu)
    Result - Unknown

    October 23rd

    Record (MIA/KIA):

    Yamato-tai (Cebu)
    Zero x1
    佐藤 馨 上飛曹 Superio Air man 1st Class Kaoru Satou (Last Location - Suluan Ocean)
    Result - Unknown
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    Very interesting to follow this. Keep up the good work.

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    Thank you for the support, Scout-san.


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    October 25th

    Record (MIA/KIA):

    Kikusui-tai (Davao)
    Zero x2
    加藤 豊文 一飛曹 Air man 1st Class Toyofumi Katou (Last Location - Surigao Strait 40nm East)
    宮川 正一 一飛曹 Air man 1st Class Shouichi Miyakawa (Last Location - Surigao Strait 40nm East)

    Asahi-tai (Davao)
    Zero x1
    上野 敬一 一飛曹 Air man 1st Class Keiichi Ueno (Last Location - 28 Degree 237nm from 1st Davo Air base)
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    Excellent thread Taka-san!

    The film clip in post 34 from Wizardman is from this movie 'For those we Love', also known as 'I go to die for you'.

    神 kamikaze 風

    Here is another movie which is also well worth viewing called The Eternal Zero:

    神 kamikaze 風

    And here is the book of the same name, my copy has just arrived and I'm told it is a must read!

    神 kamikaze 風



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    The book The Eternal Zero was great! I breezed through it even though I'm reading two other books -- it just grabbed me. Very interesting story-line.


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