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Kamikaze pilot headband for opinions...

Article about: Hi all. I came across this Kamikaze pilot headband and would like some opinions. I've researched known originals and from what I can tell this fits the bill. I know there were versions for c

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    Good morning.
    Because of the time difference, I could not respond earlier.
    The last 2 comments hit the nail on the head. This headband would be more for something like an army sportfest than Kamikaze.
    Toyoda-butai is the type of unit designation used between 1937 and 1940, not to use the official unit designations for security reasons. It would not have anything to do with Toyota. By the way, the family name for the motor company is Toyoda, not Toyota. They changed the pronunciation of the company name, as "da" is regarded as an "unrefined consonant" or "voiced consonant", which has a negative image in Japan.
    必勝 means "Determined to win" and is a kind of oath to oneself. You make that oath by writing this in your own handwriting either as hachimaki or on a piece of paper to put up on the wall. The phrase is a stereotyped standard for kids cramming for a university exam even today, so it is commonly used outside the context of war. See the cartoon below. A senior person may also write something like this and give it to others as his wish of victory for the junior person's endeavors, which is the kind of scenario we have. Printing makes everything less personal, but when you have something like a sport festival with companies competing with each other, company commander Toyoda likely printed 200 of these for his men.
    A printed impersonal hachimaki like this would have been a insulting thing to give to a Kamikaze pilot, so no it cannot be what it is advertised to be.
    Attached Images Attached Images Kamikaze pilot headband for opinions... 

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    Still a very interesting item, and we've all learned something

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    Default I own this beauty...but i never post it as...

    I do want to say... IKamikaze pilot headband for opinions... never posted this headband as a Kamikaze headband... I am the owner of this headband.
    When I bought it the seller told me that it was originally brought back by US Vet who captured it on Okinawa..
    I've always assumed since it said Toyoda Buntia that had to do with win General Toyoda sent Navy troops to Okinawa to fight Americans

    Here's my other "headband" which from what I've learned is post war
    Kamikaze pilot headband for opinions...

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