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kikusui floating chrysanthemum sewn pocket tag on japanese uniform (tunic) with scarf

Article about: Just curious as to what the kikusu stamp and numbers mean on this particular tunic? Does it appear legit or does it look like a collector added this to make it look like a period kamikaze un

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    Quote by nick komiya View Post
    Looks like a movie Extra rental from Cupman Costumes Ltd. You should have taken a photo of the folded over side of the tag, if you were serious about authentication.
    Totally agree with the Cupman reference!

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    FYI. Cupman is not a maker of movie props but a notorious vendor of fake assembled Japanese items. He has been an avid seller over the years on Ebay. Nick was being sarcastic. If it comes from him, it is definitely no good.


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    Bob, yes I am well familiar with Cupman from his EBay forgeries. I can't believe he is still on there - seen lesser offenders thrown off. He has shifted to the use of ink stampings over the years to fake anything from IJN anchors to personal flags. A very shady character for sure.

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    Is the basic jacket itself original?

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    The jacket itself is a common original. It's the additional embellishments that make it all dubious. The character at the bottom of the tag is not even recognizable to me as Japanese. The so-called scarf is no scarf and the markings on it are not even military, but the kind of stamps used for old train commuting passes, before it all got computerized. It says Hyogo (Prefecture), the first character Hyo being the same character as soldier、a handy stamp to deceive those who know a tiny bit of Japanese, but no knowledge of Japanese geography, into believing it was some depot stamp. The word Go 庫 also means warehouse, so it literally says "soldier's warehouse", but that is merely the geographical name of the Prefecture next to Osaka, nothing to do with soldiers or the military.

    Cupman must buy these obsolete rubber stamps that got outdated in Japan due to computerization and uses them liberally. He can probably issue you a train pass, anywhere you want to go. Post war stamps, however, read in the wrong direction when used as is, so he'll need to cut the stamps up and rearrange them vertically, etc.
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    Thanks Nick. Shame that this Cupman chap can't find something better to do with his life.

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    Great info - Hope it helps collectors in not being taken in by these "modified/embellished" items. The stamps are found on fleabay sometimes. The dubious modifiers bank on the idea that most purchasers will not verify these items (like they do in this forum).

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    FYI: The embellished uniform sold with a "Buy it now" for a total of $325

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