The only excuse given to support the designation of "Type 3 Army Officer's Sword" by its proponents has been to say that "an edict was issued in 1943, but somehow got lost".

I already explained that even if the original copy of the edict could have been mislaid in the archives, Government Gazettes would have announced it, and all gazettes issues are still available. So if there were such a thing as a Type 3 sword announced, it would surely show in one of the gazette issues of 1943.

A total of 300 issues of government gazettes were released in 1943, and only 4 issues out of that announced changes in the Army Uniform Regulations (Gunto was part of the uniform regulations). The 4 announcements were----

1. 1st April 1943 Army Ordinance 23 regarding alternative materials allowed in uniform related production
2. 19th August 1943 Army Ordinance 66 regarding arm patch insignia
3. 13th October 1943 Edict 774 announcing the Type 3 uniforms
4. 10th December 1943 Army Ordinance 99 regarding further alternative materials allowed in uniform related production

Thus all 300 issues for 1943 has been checked to verify the Type 3 Gunto claim, which only served to prove that there never was such a designation as a "Type 3" for the simplified contingency spec alternative to the Type 98 Gunto.