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Matching Japanese NCO Sword

Article about: Hello all. Please see the pics below of a sword I'm considering purchasing. The seller wants \\$600 for this. I'd be willing to pay about \\$350 USD. What do you think would be a fair price? Tha

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    Ha no problem. I'm definitely looking for a trade but probably a german dagger or sword.

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    FYI, this just went up in the classifieds section. Please let me know if anyone has questions!

    Type 95 Japanese NCO Sword With Matching Numbers - Militaria Collectibles buy - sell at War Relics

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    Hmmm....... After reading this thread, i must say i'm not too impressed with your form or the asking price you have here.
    I think for a trade, then all is well, However for a straight sale to members here, then i think you got some front.
    To look for a profit of $300 from people who have helped you with knowledge you didn't have, and make a decision on purchasing it, is to put it bluntly a bit rich.
    I know i don't have 'stupid' written on my forehead and i'm sure that goes for most members here.
    Put it on ebay as an International listing and you probably will get that price, as a US listing i think you're pushing it.
    The sword is clean but in reasonable shape for what it is. It is NOT 'fantastic' as you describe.
    It doesn't lock into the scabbard properly for starters (due to the bent scabbard face plate)
    Do some of your own 'homework' and you'll see what i'm saying.
    Sorry to the moderators of the forum if i've broken any rules in saying this, but i couldn't hold back.
    Surely i'm not the only one who thinks this??
    BTW- you didn't even consider offering a contribution from the sale to the Board to assist in running costs etc. I'm glad i didn't offer any info as i've just logged on for the week and seen this thread, i think i would of been even more dissapointed if i had, than i am at the moment.

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    Like I mentioned from the beginning, I'm looking for a trade. I may be a collector, but I'm certainly looking for a good deal when I make a purchase. Especially when it is an item for which I don't collect. I was clear about that the entire time as well. I'm sorry if somehow you are offended by an asking price. I've been here all of two weeks so no I haven't paid for this forum yet but, aside from you, it's been a very helpful and pleasant experience.

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