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Militaria store in Tokyo

Article about: On my recent trip to Japan a colleague found a link to this store in Tokyo. Unfortunately for me timing wasn't on my side to make a visit. JIMBOUCHO Japanese Military Antiques Shop - ???????

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    To be honest Geoff, i dont think he cares...hes like a military hoarder, he has so much gear, and i think he wants to keep it that way..discussing anything about the Showa period can be tricky in Japan,so its hard to get good leads..ive got a week left so ill see how i go

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    That was a bit disappointing to hear, some how I'm not surprised, I wonder if it he is some resenting or suspicious of the reasons for our interest in this stuff.

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    Quote by wizardman View Post
    I visited the store today. Heres a rundown, the store is a little difficult to find and it takes a while to make an appointment, Mrs Hama was the translator and spoke English heres where it goes downhill quick, the owner of the store is at best eccentric at worst just plain rude, he would barely acknowledge me, little own have any kind of reasonable conversation, unusual by Japanese standards..the emphasis was constantly on how much money i have to spend, and all the prices i see around the world are wrong as they are mostly fake Japanese stuff , this was said about 6 times!! Prices are beyond astronomical, i actually thought he was joking when he told me prices, then came out the line "i sell the stories not just the stuff" it was left dumbfounded at the experience..the place had so many amazing pieces and just normal field gear,the guy could have made thousands from me today. I got the impression this guy is a collector, and has very and i mean very little interest in selling anything. such a shame
    PS when i was leaving i thanked him in Japanese and bowed, to which he looked away, so i then when to shake his hand so he turned his back to me, for that he can keep his $2000 pith helmet and his over $10000 naval flag
    Very odd behavior for a Japanese. Evidently he has a problem selling to an American. I have run in to the same attitude from an individual who was a sword collector. I only ran in to this attitude once.


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    I agree Bob, its only the second time ive had issues...what was interesting was i got the feeling he didnt understand the concept of Vet bring backs, as he tried to sell me an old moth ridden cap ''special'' because it had the original we all know,after the war in Japan they were removed,i tried to explain i have several..but i was once again spoken over.

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    I am really sorry to hear about your experience there. I wonder what the issue was. It seems like he has a large clientele of folks from the US and Europe who make it a point to stop by his store whenever in Japan. Hopefully an odd day and not something more.


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