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Militaria store in Tokyo

Article about: On my recent trip to Japan a colleague found a link to this store in Tokyo. Unfortunately for me timing wasn't on my side to make a visit. JIMBOUCHO Japanese Military Antiques Shop - ???????

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    Default Militaria store in Tokyo

    On my recent trip to Japan a colleague found a link to this store in Tokyo.
    Unfortunately for me timing wasn't on my side to make a visit.

    JIMBOUCHO Japanese Military Antiques Shop -

    Link in Japanese, has a couple more pages ????????????? ??????

    If anyone manages to get there can you post better images of the shop if they allow photos.


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    JIMBOUCHO Japanese Military Antiques Shop -

    This link is the english version..........

    Sorry it seems to throw you back into the japanese links if you try and go further into the pages.

    There are more photos of store items further into the page if you follow the links

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    Just what im after!!...i fly out in a couple of weeks

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    Quote by wizardman View Post
    Just what im after!!...i fly out in a couple of weeks
    You might find this site useful if the timing works for you. Tokyo Area Antique and Flea Markets - Best Living Japan I was in Tokyo on the last Sunday in October and got to three.

    1. Yasukuni Shrine Antique Fair, this was good and had two stall holders that had just Militaria, prices were a little higher than other markets, which was to be expected because of the location, but still very reasonable compared to buying outside Japan. Bigger than described in the website.

    2. Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine Antique Fair, this was the biggest of the three, the odd piece was available, there was one stall that had a lot of swords and related equipment.

    3. Hanazono Shrine Antique Fair, disappointing, much smaller than advertised, this may have been because all three were on the same day and all within 20mins on the subway.


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    I have been a few times to the Yasukuni markets, some weekends better than others...and i agree about the Hanazono one....ill check out the Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine Antique Fair..thanks for the info Tinhat

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    I sent an polite email and explained the problem.

    He just wrote me back


    Thank you for message me.

    Iíll try to make English website of our shop now.

    Please wait a while.

    And please come to our shop someday!

    Thank you

    Best regards

    Jimboucho Japanese Military Antiques shop

    Rieko Hama
    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

    "Be Humble and kind, for you may find that it was Odin you entertained"

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    There is a link to an interesting NHK news piece featuring the owner and the store.

    Selling Pieces of the Past - NEWSROOM TOKYO - TV - NHK WORLD - English

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    Visiting that shop is a real trip! I was there in May and wrote to Ms. Hama before going to Tokyo to set up an appointment to check it out. Mr. Maekawa is often out on buying trips and the shop is not always open. He speaks little English, but Ms. Hama and another assistant provide interpretive services when they are there. Be prepared for a several hour visit to the shop: Aside from the 1st floor crammed with all sorts of stuff, there are even more (and rare) items on the 2nd floor to see. Another reason to communicate with them before showing up is the place is absolutely crammed with items, so if you have particular interests, those items will probably need to be unearthed before you show up, literally! Mr. Maekawa himself is quite a character and will want to hang out and chat for a bit. An added bonus is the store is in the bookstore district, so if you are into Japanese military related paper, there are a few bookstores that have manuals, loose Senshi Sosho volumes, history books, etc. for sale.


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    I visited the store today. Heres a rundown, the store is a little difficult to find and it takes a while to make an appointment, Mrs Hama was the translator and spoke English heres where it goes downhill quick, the owner of the store is at best eccentric at worst just plain rude, he would barely acknowledge me, little own have any kind of reasonable conversation, unusual by Japanese standards..the emphasis was constantly on how much money i have to spend, and all the prices i see around the world are wrong as they are mostly fake Japanese stuff , this was said about 6 times!! Prices are beyond astronomical, i actually thought he was joking when he told me prices, then came out the line "i sell the stories not just the stuff" it was left dumbfounded at the experience..the place had so many amazing pieces and just normal field gear,the guy could have made thousands from me today. I got the impression this guy is a collector, and has very and i mean very little interest in selling anything. such a shame
    PS when i was leaving i thanked him in Japanese and bowed, to which he looked away, so i then when to shake his hand so he turned his back to me, for that he can keep his $2000 pith helmet and his over $10000 naval flag
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    Wow...Just...Wow... Talk about "Crapping in your nest" apparently he has no concept of word of mouth advertising. I hate that your experience went in that direction!
    I was hoping for the best. I am sure there are others that would appreciate making new friends and customers. Perhaps the thread can be updated as members come in contact with more appreciative vendors in Japan. Regards,Geoff

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