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My Fledgling Japanese Medal Collection

Article about: by Stu W Hi Joe, Looks like a nice Sen-sho (for wounds suffered in battle) Wound Badge you have there. Now you need the Ko-sho (non battle related) to go with it. I've read that many soldier

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    Quote by Patrick Lewis View Post
    I enjoy watching your collection grow, I am liking these Japanese medals more and more.

    Cheers, Pat
    Thanks, Patrick!

    The purple tassles with cherry blossom badge is for bereaved families. They could apply for it when their son, husband, father, etc. died in service to the emperor. More info can be found here:
    Japanese WW2 Killed in Action (KIA) badge

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    The correct box is shown here (post #13) and can periodically be obtained on Ebay should you wish one in the future.


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    Much appreciated, Stu! If one pops up for sale, I'll put up a bid!

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    Quote by GIZMO8Z View Post
    Hi Guy,

    One [kendo/jukendo qualification badge] sold for $330 on the Guild... but based on how cheaply I've put together this collection, I think that's ridiculous!

    There's one on ebay now with bidding at $60, but the catch is broken...
    I underbid at only $110 ... and LOST. It sold for $172.49


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    Ugh! So sorry to hear that, Guy! Better luck next time!!

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    Latest package arrived from Japan. I may move on my Japanese civil awards to make room for more military awards... Rank insignia perhaps?

    My Fledgling Japanese Medal Collection

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    Nice selection Joe. Love the flag.........!


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    Much appreciated, Steve!!

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    This Japanese dog tag will soon be arriving thanks to a new friend and forum member. (Not sure if he wants to remain anonymous...)

    My Fledgling Japanese Medal Collection

    This tag belonged to a soldier from the 183 Infantry Battalion attached to the 33rd Independent Mixed Brigade that fought during the Battle of Luzon (Manila) in the Philippines in 1945.

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    Hi Joe,

    Looks like your display is filling out nicely.

    PS: My own thanks to Tom (tomp) for his assistance with deciphering this tag and others in my collection.

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