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My Fledgling Japanese Medal Collection

Article about: by Stu W Hi Joe, Looks like a nice Sen-sho (for wounds suffered in battle) Wound Badge you have there. Now you need the Ko-sho (non battle related) to go with it. I've read that many soldier

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    Default My Fledgling Japanese Medal Collection

    I figured it is about time I put together a display case of Japanese medals. I found these on ebay for rather cheap and felt comfortable buying them.

    I hope you guys approve!

    My Fledgling Japanese Medal CollectionMy Fledgling Japanese Medal Collection

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    I'd like to get a small rising sun flag to use as a background for the case I'll put these medals into...

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    Found a period rising sun naval flag in great shape for a reasonable price!

    My Fledgling Japanese Medal CollectionMy Fledgling Japanese Medal Collection

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    Next additions will be a wound badge and a Sacred Treasure. I'd like to add some proficiency badges too...

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    will make a nice display.

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    Sounds like a nice project -- good luck and keep us apprised.


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    For those of you who don't know...

    I picked up:
    1937-1945 China Incident War Medal (rainbow ribbon)
    1904-1905 Russo-Japanese War Medal (white, teal, blue ribbon)
    Order of the Rising Sun, 8th Class (silver leaves medal, red and white ribbon)
    Red Cross Medal (red and sky blue ribbon)

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    If anyone could suggest pieces to add to this new collection, please let me know!

    I'd like to add a Manchurian Incident medal, too...

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    Quote by GIZMO8Z View Post
    ....Red Cross Medal (red and sky blue ribbon)
    Life member (blue rosette).
    More info HERE


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    Thanks, Guy!

    I'm kind of embarrassed to say so... but these medals are still somewhat of a mystery to me. Would you mind telling me what had to be done to earn them? Specifically, the rising sun and sacred treasure. All I'm finding is: "Civilian or Military service to the emperor..."

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