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Mystery katana

Article about: Hi guys. I have a Kitana, and supposedly it's WW2. My fiance got it from a friend, and says that it has trace DNA on it. Itdoesn't have any signs of forging ie. folds grain, but I know a lot

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    I don't expect anyone to know own what I am doing. I also don't appreciate people taking shots like that,and I could have replied with something way lower, but what good would that have done? As I said, there is no option to add pictures. I've looked over the instructions, and did what they said in the settings. But if there is no option to add, I can't add. Could it be that I can't afford a subscription, and I'm not a paying member?

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    Ok.. when adding a new post to this thread, click on the "go advanced" button, next to the quick reply button.

    It will bring you to a new page, at the top of the text box next to the smiley icon is a paper clip button. That will open a new box. At the top right corner there is a green "plus" icon. Click on that and then the Choose File button to add a picture
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Storm,when you go to button GO advanced there is a boot on that will allow you to post pictures.
    I do ask you to take a deep breath and relax. This forum as many experts in many fields and are willing to help. But I will say choose your words carefully please. You will catch more flies with honey than... You fill in the blank.

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    Banned Enough said
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Since you can only provide insults to those who wanted to help you, please follow me to the door of no return


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