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Night Watch

Article about: Here's a little something for your viewing pleasure. An early Edo period Hamano School tsuba. I don't collect tsuba nor have I really studied them but have picked up a few here and there alo

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    Default Re Munechika

    I'm wondering if he's the Aizu Myōchin Munechika? [Munechika of Aizu-clan]

    Aizu Myōchin Munechika

    you can see in the last 2 kanji, middle line are your 宗親:


    While searching around, there seems to have been at least two other Munechika -- confusingly, one with the prename Myōchin
    (津山)明珍宗 (Tsuyama Myōchin Munechika)
    三条宗 (Sanjo Munechika)


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    Thanks Guy,
    You are truly a wealth of information on a subject i know nothing about!
    Shows how much of an idea i had, as i thought it was a peacock and a goat! I didn't realise that unicorns had twin hooves, but now i can see the more horse like shape.
    Although it isn't a signature as such, the kanji in the seal....they indicate the first munechika in your last post rather than the other two, right?? Is it possible that it is copied at all?
    Also when you said twin brother, do you mean like a set for katana and wakizashi?

    Edit- Looking at the panels from the one in the museum, i can see the unicorn has a dragon like head pointed upwards.

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    Hi Ern,

    By "twin brother" I meant its doppelganger. I merely found the information via google research -- I don't know tuppence about this stuff! I can read a few characters, that's all.

    The seal "Munechika" aligns it to 会津明珍宗親 Aizu Myōchin Munechika .... maybe (remember: I don't know this stuff at all).


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    Ok Thanks once again! Dude! Lol

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