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Police Surrender Tag Translation Help Please

Article about: You guys helped me with this tag translation by giving me the name Kentaro when all I had was an online picture. Now that I have the sword in hand I took a better picture and a fellow online

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    Another thing to consider is that, even thou the sword got through (unlikely), the relatives of the former sword owner might not have the license.

    It is illegal to own a "real sword" (old or new) without a license in Japan.

    Also no bayonets, they need to be cut few inches above from the "neck" in order to own them.

    There was a live crime scene (can' t remember which) of a man holding a Japanese war time bayonet and broke into someone' s apartment and stabbed the person to death in front of Japanese media (80's ). After this incident, no full bayonets are allowed in Japan, unless they are nonmagnetic (from what I remember).


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    read this pinned thread on Private Oikawa.

    The Long Journey of Shozo Owikawa

    Look at the problems and years spent I went through trying to find his family and dealing with the Japanese politicians. This dealt with returning remains of a fallen soldier, which would have been easier than getting a sword into the country. Do you or someone you know speak Japanese?
    By now, there may be 50 descendants of the original owner. Who do you return it to? It is a very complicated task.


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    Oh well, at least we have all done our part to preserve what information could be found on the scabbard. Now I start down the road of finding out what this blade is, when it was made and what to do to preserve or better it's present condition.

    Thanks Again to all that have helped me so far on this quest,
    Howard Dennis

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