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POW Artwork help needed

Article about: Hi All, I won these at an auction, seller states his father was in the Navy during WW2 and spent alot of time on Guam with Japanese POW's, also included a photo of his father during his stay

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    Anyway those were not drawn by a native Japanese, as I said.

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    Thank you all for helping out....if we are ruling out native Japanese then I am confused as to who the artist would have been....

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    As Nick said, maybe Japanese Americans. Or maybe a local of Guam (or another occupied area) who learned rudimentary japanese. All conjecture on my part.....
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    they are beautiful.

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    I will try to get more information from the seller but as we know after 80 years things get really blurry, so no part can be translated?

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    Quote by maximus71 View Post
    I.... so no part can be translated?
    Yes, but the translations support what Nick has told you about grammar errors.

    Upon the bridge post in the second image is written:
    Which purports to be "Fujimibashi" -- "[Mt.] Fuji View Bridge"; however, it is missing the "" kanji. It should be:


    Another example is:
    Nippon Fūkei
    Which means "Japanese Scenery"; however, in Japanese it should be
    Nippon no Fūkei
    "の/no" being a possessive particle in this example....

    .....however, when used to modify something like a street, "の/no" is not required, as in this example:
    Nippon Fūkei Kaidō
    Japanese Scenery Road

    I trust Nick will correct any errors on my part.


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    Also the correct way to write Wharf of Tokyo is 東京埠頭  not 東京普頭

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    Hi All again,
    I asked but did not receive any more info from the seller, I did take some better photo's, and the one piece is done on a linen tablecloth that is stamped "campsite", the art seems to be done in colored pencil or pen, it would be nice to know exactly who the artist was or why the Kanji is incorrect in places, another item that I wish could talk!! Thank you for looking and all the help
    POW Artwork help neededPOW Artwork help neededPOW Artwork help neededPOW Artwork help neededPOW Artwork help neededPOW Artwork help neededPOW Artwork help neededPOW Artwork help needed

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