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Prayer Flag Translation Request

Article about: Hi there, this is my 1st post here, any assistance in the translation of the attached flag would be appreciated. Thanks, David

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    Default Prayer Flag Translation Request

    Hi there, this is my 1st post here, any assistance in the translation of the attached flag would be appreciated.

    Thanks, David

    Prayer Flag Translation Request
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    Photo is upside down.

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    Thanks, I rotated it.

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    Default We Need A Native-Speaker's Help!

    The four kanji surrounding the Red Sun .... I cannot read #2~4.


    Surrounding the sun:

    kokoro/ heart-spirit-mind

    I canot read the others .... maybe someone else can take a look. I'm guessing: [mind] - [dragon] - [achieve] - [persevere] .... which I cannot find online, so I'm 99.999% wrong!

    [missing kanji] 如林 (something like the forest)
    [missing kanji] 如風 (something like the wind)

    [illegible signature]

    I'm thinking this comes from "Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan" banner of Takeda Shingen which is taken from Sun Tsu:

    Chapter 7, passage 17: 故其疾如風,其徐如林 Let your rapidity be that of the wind, your silence that of the forest.

    Chapter 7, passage 18: 侵掠如火,不動如山 In raiding and plundering be like fire, be immovable like a mountain.
    [source wiki]

    Ki/inoru Buun Chōkyū
    Wishing you Eternal Fortunes of War

    Ōta Kazu
    alternate: Tada Kazu
    Oku Tsutomu-kun
    Gift: Mr. Tsutomu [first name?]

    Engage in ascetic practices with dauntless spirit [bravery and unwavering pursuit]
    A Buddhist maxim

    Watanabe Masao

    Shichisei Hōkoku!
    Seven Lives to Give to My Country

    山野 正太郎
    Yamano Shotaro

    Most of the above are subject to radical change!! (^__^)

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    Guy thank you so much for your efforts in this translation, I will print this out and keep it with the flag.
    Much appreciated, -David

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    You might try posting it on the JapanReference site at Translations. I have posted several flags, canteens, rice cookers, etc and gotten thorough assistance. You do have to register, but no charge. Also, you have to get used to the process for posting pics, but no too hard. Good luck!

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