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Prayer good luck flag with kanji

Article about: Just wanted to share a Prayer good luck flag with kanji, I picked up a couple of weeks ago.

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    I am new to the Pacific theater(My primary interests are German 3rd Reich) of collecting...this being my first IJA item from a Veteran estate sale. I appreciate your impute and knowledge...along with all others who have helped me with this journey. I have learned alot with guidance...and sparked many opinions. The Kanji was fun to familiarize with...along with correct info on prayer flags( I like many assumed they were signed by fellow soldiers)...history is knowledge.

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    Is the second flag photo there to demonstrate what fake writing looks like? It is a poor fake with Tojo's signature proclaiming it as a joke. Of course the real Tojo had much nicer hand writing.

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    Hi Nick-
    Thank you for your comments both here and to others elsewhere. The flag you mention is an example (as I stated in my earlier post) to demonstrate that just because characters are not bold does not indicate that a flag is bad. Frank appears to have heard that his flag is wrong based upon, among other things, characters that are not bold and sweeping "typical" of "real" Japanese writing. Thank you too for pointing out that the Prime Minister's actual hand writing was much nicer. For those who might not know, it is possible to see various examples of it by doing a Google search and typing in, "Tojo Hideki, autograph". Since the Prime Minister was well educated, he was also thoroughly versed in and demonstrated a wonderful application of kanji. You did not mention, however, that the "poor fake" merely came from the brush of someone wishing to quote Tojo. Along with the Prime Minister's signature was a "quote" from Tojo that was meant to be an inspiration to the fellow receiving the flag. That quote says, "Be both a good warrior and a good scholar".


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    Mike, that is real stretch. No Japanese will read that as a quote, only as someone posing as Tojo. The whole point of a Yosegaki was to sign your own name. Here he's trying to copy someone's signature. 99% were quotes anyway, but you put your own name to it, as everyone knew where it came from anyway. It is a simple Tojo flag variant. Also no one learned postwar style writing those days, so a post war guy had to travel back in time to write the way he learned it and make it look like that. The problem with being old fashioned only goes for cases of pre-war educated people writing in the old style after the war like my mother always did. Backward writing did exist in scientific work, so, as I said, it was not impossible to have someone write in that manner, but you would be banking on a very slim chance. Anyway, not for people who want a sure textbook example.

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