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Question Ladies Tanto or Dagger ?

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    I am posting this for a friend of mine. I think it may be a ladies tanto but not sure. It has the smaller letter opener type thing, not sure what the proper term for it is as I would not call it a knife because it does not have an edge on it. There is no kanji to translate on this one as it is unmarked. We just were wondering what period it would appear to be from and who would of used it? Thanks again for your help, It is much appreciated by my friend and I both. Thanks, Robert

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -mdtanto2.jpg   -mdtanto3.jpg  

    -mdtanto4.jpg   -mdtanto5.jpg  

    -mdtanto6.jpg   -mdtanto7.jpg  

    -mdtanto8.jpg   -mdtanto9.jpg  

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    Here is one more picture I missed the first round. Thanks, Robert
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -mdtanto1.jpg  

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    The blade is in a form of mounting known as aikuchi. It is a tanto mounting without a tsuba. The seperate piece is a kogai, which would be used as a hair pin for a samurai's hair. The other end can be used to clean the ear. The simplicity of this piece would likely indicate it was being worn by an older, possibly retired, samurai. It appears that the blade is quite thick across the back. If so, it is a style of balde known as yoroidoshi or armor piercer. From you pictures, I can not tell much as to age or school as the jigane or steel grain and color along with the style of temper would indicate era and school.


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    Thanks for the information Mr.Coleman, I really appreciate your help. That is very fascinating, I never would have guessed the kogai was used as a pin for the samurai's hair. Yes the blade is thick across the back. I will relay the information to my friend. Thanks, Robert

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