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Rare , named ,Type 3 Japanese flying helmet

Article about: Hello All, I took a small drive to local auto swap meet and came away with this, along with a few other goodies. I noticed the Japanese kanji on the ear cover and the back portion of the cap

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    Quote by Larboard View Post
    At first glance I thought it was Luftwaffe, construction seems very similar, sewing up the back, etc.
    As a matter of fact it was a copy of the Luftwaffe flight helmet.

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    Thank you. Yes, at a glance the similarities really stand out. I wonder if this was done by agreement or otherwise, although I'm sure they were welcome to it. And as they say "the most sincere form of flattery"

    It's interesting what you mention about the radio comms, and must have been maddening... I use radios here in wildland firefighting practices, and it is very easy not to be able to make out what the other person is saying... just because of ambient noise (I run the pump on the truck), nevermind static added into the mix.

    The spark plugs/wires of the era made for a HORRIBLE amount of static and I'm not sure that simply grounding, as mentioned, would have been the cure.

    Since then, we have "resistor" plugs, and wires, for that reason, to combat RFI, and they work very well. Back in "the day" we had metal core wires, with marginal insulation, and these "bleed" over radio frequencies like crazy, rising RPM causes a higher pitch whine.

    There are also inline "chokes" you can install to quiet things down.

    Even with the lack of static, hearing audio clearly over the sound of an engine of this size with very short exhaust was probably very challenging...

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    for me that's a terrific find,and to a Zero unit as well.

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    P.S has you have a unit and a name try tracking him down see if he survived.

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    What a very exciting piece of flight gear! and to be unit marked as well!! Anyone who cannot see the value of a small membership fee is truly missing the boat!! It would take years to research as much information as you can find here within hours! My heartfelt thanks to all the members who contribute here. Congrats Dramos! Thats one Great find Regards,Geoff

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    Looks like you picked a good day to stop at the swap meet! What a superb find! Well done!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Gents, thank you for all the comments and input! I would have been completely lost on this piece if it were not for members of this forum.

    Guy, thank you for the translations. Your knowledge of kanji has been helpful to me and many others and countless occasions.

    Nick, thank you for the insight into the caps history. None of the caps online looked like this one, so I was very lost. The info on both the cap and the unit history is amazing! I will see what more I can find on this pilot.

    This piece has certainly become a prized possession of mine. Thank you to all!

    And yes, to anyone reading this, the $25 membership fee for the information and great company that this forum provides is second to none. If you have not joined consider everyday you do not a huge mistake!

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    Default Nagatani

    Died 25 March 1944.

    Flight Petty Officer First Class Nagatani Hisashi/Sho/etc

    Too many ways to read his given name

    永谷 尚(一飛曹) 甲種10期,6/24,大宮島
    Nagatani Hisashi/(Flt. PO1) Class-A, 10th, 6/24, Omiya Island [home of record]

    I wonder if 甲種10期 "A-Class, 10th" might be the full name of Konoe-hi 10?


    硫黄島経由でテニアン進出。(永谷 尚二飛曹等)




         永谷 尚 二飛曹       右翼燃料槽に被弾

    0800 空襲警報発令。




    金本雄一  一飛曹 (甲飛10期)  *空戦により
    永谷 尚    〃  (   〃   )  *防空壕被爆の為、爆死
    真家和夫    〃  (   〃   )  *防空壕被爆の為、爆死

    Quote by GoogleTranslate
    March 18, 1944

    Tinian advance over Iwo Jima. (Sho Nagatani , PO2)

    March 21, 1944

    "US task force attack"
    Sortie from Tinian.
    [Organization] [Author's Note: survey unfinished, unspecified]


    Ichimoku Toshiyuki, Chief Petty Officer
    Nagatani Sho, PO2, hit the right wing fuel tank
    The 25th

    "Guam Island air combat explosion, combined ambush warfare"
    0800 air raid warning issued.
    Zero Fighter 8 aircraft, start the first base Guam.
    First wave 30 aircraft, a second wave of 30 aircraft ambush.

    Zero Fighter 8 aircraft
    [Results/Gains/Fruits of Battle]


    [Killed in action]

    Kanemoto Yuichi, PO1, (10th Kinoehi) * by air combat
    Nagatani Sho, PO1, (10th Kinoehi) * Air raid shelter bombed, death from explosion
    Maya Kazuo, PO1, (10th Kinoehi) * Air raid shelter bombed, death from explosion
    I read in other Google search hits that the 10th Kinoe-hi was a Kamikaze group that flew the "Sakura" [Baka-bomb].
    Japanese-language article

    Yuasa Masao: "I will continue to remember into the future." Yuasa speaking in front of the 10th Kinoehi's war dead memorial, Hyogo Prefecture

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    THANK YOU Guy! What a great piece of info. I wonder how the cap made its way to the states. Where did this info come from?

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    I wonder if in the light of this information, the cap may have been souvenired by an American soldier who examined the Zero wreckage.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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