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Is this real looks to good to be true

Article about: Does anyone think this is a good idea to buy looks to good the liner is whiter than a new set of bedsheets and was conserned about the emblem as it is not fire fighter more of a naval I am n

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    Type 19 Company grade Kyu-gunto (Dawson, pg 66 pic identical)

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    Just a friendly warning, there may be a good chance the helmet and hood? contains asbestos, please try to research this before you display it in your house!..
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    Thank you about the possible asbestos I have a 2 year and 3 week old grandkids that come by here often not to mention all other people I really thank you I would have never thought that but after hearing I understand for consern as back then they used and sprayed on everything many thanks Gunny

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