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Real or reproduction NCO sword?

Article about: Hello all, a friend of mine has just inherited this and seeing as he isn't a tech savy type I'm doing some research for him. All I can tell you about it is that has been sitting in his dad's

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    The sword is authentic and as you state has matching nos. with the scabbard , that is always a big plus . Most collectors would hate what has been done to the sword but you cant turn the clock back . I presume your friend is not a collector but has received the sword as a family heirloom i am leaning towards leaving it as is , it would make a nicer display ! I say this as the leather to the scabbard looks professionally done and looks good and the paintwork has been applied with great care . As i say , it's a shame its been messed with but it still is a vet bringback !

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    My friend is going to investigate getting the manufacturing stampings uncovered by a professional if possible, but other than that he's not going to mess with it. As Alan correctly stated it's an heirloom rather than a collectors piece. Thanks for your help everyone.

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    Tell him not to spend too much. There are only a few options as to maker and none of that variation are rare. Value, as you point out, is as an heirloom. In terms of dollars it's only worth a couple hundred in it's current state. Restored it might go 2-3 times that, depending upon saya condition, but no more.

    I'm not sure if you read through the thread I linked you to in my previous posting but if not have a look and you will come across the various maker marks. It may be possible to determine what yours are in hand if there is enough of the stamping left to view.


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    Strange the screw for the scabbard throat is outside leather.Looks like leather cover has been there for awhile.
    Looks strange with the gold and redish paint on tsuka , looks newly painted.
    Sword looks otherwise original.

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