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Article about: Would someone help me with a translation please.. i find Senninbaris very personal and interesting ..Thank you

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    Default Senninbari

    Would someone help me with a translation please.. i find Senninbaris very personal and interesting ..Thank you

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    Hey wizardman,if you don't already have it there is an excellent book by Michael Bortner on the subject of flags and senninbari lots of Great photographs!

    Get History Today - Home

    Regards, Geoff
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Senninbari  

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    No i dont have it mate..ill have to get a copy

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    As Geoff said it's an excellent book with some superb items shown and top photography, well worth buying.

    Nice senninbari wizard, does it have pockets on the front?



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    Yes Russ it does have a pocket..i had never noticed that

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    Looks like there may be something inside - is it sewn shut?

    Sometimes there are Paper omamori, coins, hair and other bits and pieces.



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    Hey Russ, there is a few pockets,but they have all been going to try and get some more in Japan in a few weeks,hopefully get some unopened ones

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    I think I can see a faint shadow of the covered kanji on backside. My imagination thinks it MIGHT be saying:

    Tora Sen-Riki
    1,000 Strength Tiger


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    Default Belt Given to Sugisaki Jōtarō



    Karada Kenzen
    Seishōkō Dai ōgi Shugo
    Buun Chōkyū
    Nijūroku sai

    Sugisaki Jōtarō

    Protect the entire body
    Great Esoteric Seishōkō [Kiyomasa Kato] Protect [him]
    Continued Luck in the Fortunes of War
    26 years old

    Sugizaki Jotaro

    [Sugisaki is also pronounced as Sugizaki ... depends on the family]

    According to the Japanese wiki, the shrine is part of Kakurinji, a Nichiren temple [not Nichiren Shoshu ... that's a break-off]. The temple is in Minato Ward, Tokyo.
    Quote by J.Wiki
    Kakurin-ji is in the Minato-ku, Tokyo Shirokanedai 1-chome, temple of Nichiren. ...Memorial tablets and image of Kiyomasa Kato is commonly known as the official Kiyomasa (Seishoko) from the fact that enshrined. From residents in the vicinity of which is also referred to as a "Seishōkō-sama", it has attracted the faith as temple of to pray for victory.
    The red seals were probably these:


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    Thank you ghp95134...i might go visit the shrine

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