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Shin Gunto Translation Please

Article about: Just acquired what appears to be a stainless steel blade shin gunto. It has no acceptance stamps nor does it have a showa stamp. One side of the tang has a nice two character signature and t

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    Hello Jimoko,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Always best to start a new thread so that your item gets a fresh review. Many of us, having commented upon a thread, won't come back to it.

    As to your sword, it is fashioned after a Type 94 however I'd want to see more photos before passing further judgement. In short, I have concerns.


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    Taiko Bankou ??
    Daiko Manmitsu??

    Dunno .... it doesn't look right to me because the peg-retention hole looks to be far down [or the writing to high]; granted, that's only from seeing a small part of the tang. Can you:

    1. Start a new thread so we don't loose track you the conversation
    2. Attach an image of the full tang
    3. Attach images of the full blade.

    If you are very new and lost, one of us can start the thread for you and attach the images you've posted.


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    Hi Jimoko

    New Thread link. The "button" is on the Japanese Militaria home page, top left, bright GREEN.

    Stu: Me too.


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    I do not care for what I see of the blade nakago. It does not appear to be well finished and filed like a typical Japanese sword. Although the writing is kanji, it does not make any sense to me as being the name of a Japanese swordsmith. This is more reminiscent of the jibberish found on swords made in China.


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