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SNLF Helmet

Article about: Hello all,I thought I would post a few pics of the very first Japanese helmet I ever acquired.It was the piece that ignited my interest in Japanese militaria. A friend of mine who was an ext

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    What is Army Seaborne??

    Regarding Navy and SNLF helmets, physically they are exactly the same with the anchor badge, no differences. I think SNLF is an over-used term, as Jareth says, unless something specific written in kanji points to it, the majority are Navy helmets.



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    Army seaborne were like merchant marines. They were in charge of supply boats, landing barges etc. I have a tunic for sale trade if anyone's looking. Back to Geoff, only way to say with absolute certainty that a standard navy item saw NLF use would be if it has hand written/ painted kanji somewhere that mentions. Otherwise it's navy unless proven otherwise.

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    I would agree here with Jareth. What makes a person SNLF vs the general distinction of navy? Was it just a guy carrying a rifle, or were they truck drivers, cooks, and medics? or Were they support persons across the branch? In addition, we have supposed that it was counter regulations to write these unit designations on the inside or outside of the helmets. So, if that is one of the distinctions, how can that be so? In other instances, since men in the heat of battle probably grabbed each others gear, the only way to keep track responsibly of the Emperor's war material would be to mark the piece in some manner. I have to admit I am no helmet expert, but some of the explanations seem to go in a circle of sorts, and don't always explain what we see in the material culture (the stuff).

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