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SOS Japanese Pickups

Article about: The SOS was wonderful this year. Seems like there is never enough time to talk and see everything at the show. I did pick some nice pieces for my collection. Pick up a matching numbers NCO s

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    Dean: The meatball flag is silk. The navy flag is a multi-construction cotton flag. The reverse looks the same as the front. I was very lucky to find the navy flag. The only part that I could see was the tie ropes under a pile of German flags. Thanks for all the likes.

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    Duff you must have been the one who hide it under the pile.

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    Hahaha. No - I must of been eye-balling another one. Same size and everything - displayed on the table for "all" to see.

    Wish I did hide that one though! Lol

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    Charlie1, thank you for your reply. I figured as much..I should have read the first post a bit more thoroughly . My navy flag is silk, so I may have been thinking it was like mine.
    Either way, you made out very nicely.

    Duff, I wouldn't be too upset about not getting a Japanese navy flag ( although they are nice), you scored on the German standard flag

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    Duff, you snooze you loose. Nice pieces for any collection. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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