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Summer Trip to Japan: Yasukuni Shrine --- Dai Tō-A Sensō (The Great East Asia War) Exibition

Article about: Nice NO PHOTO sign

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    Quote by Visniewski View Post
    Very nice photos, thank you for sharing. Have you seen any small arms there?

    Thanks Leszek-san.

    I didn't see any small arms in the exhibition, but probably there are some displayed somewhere at the museum which I haven't visit yet.


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    They had small arms in the normal exhibits but you are not allowed to take photographs of them because they are supposed to be articles left by the 英霊 (heroic spirits).

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    Thanks for explanations, Taka-san and Haru-san.

    Here's a photo you might find interesting - these are Japanese soldiers from the Khalkhin-Gol battle in 1939, displaying a captured Soviet tank machine gun, the DT, and gas mask.

    All the best,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Summer Trip to Japan: Yasukuni Shrine --- Dai Tō-A Sensō (The Great East Asia War) Exibition  

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    That's a great looking museum. The Zero is one of my favorite planes.

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    Photo No.024: Painting of IJN Carrier Hiryu launching Zero Fighters.

    Photo No.025: Painting titled 飛龍出撃図」(荒井 陸郎画) (Hiryu Shutsu-geki Zu) (Arai Rokurou E) - 「Hiryu' s Sortie」(Painted by Rokurou Arai)

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    Photo No.026: Articles of Rear Admiral Ryusaku Yanagimoto (柳本 柳作)

    Ryusaku Yanagimoto - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Photo No.027: Photo and brief history of Rear Admiral Ryusaku Yanagimoto

    Beneath the photo sates:

    Navy Rear Admiral Ryusaku Yanagimoto

    Permanent Residence: Nagasaki Prefecture

    KIA: Showa 17 (1942) June 5th. (Age 48)

    Participated in the Battle of Midway as the Captain of Carrier Sōryū 蒼龍 (Japanese aircraft carrier S). The ship was unfortunately surprised, and attacked by the dive bombers that dove from the rift of the clouds, with no time to react, she was hit by direct hits. Thus further attacks inflicted by the enemy, she is now engulfed in frames. Yanagimoto Ryusaku ordered his crews to abandoned ship, he refused to withdraw despite he was seriously wounded. Yanagimoto went down with the ship.

    Of Note: On the flaming deck of Hiryu, a crew attempted to rescue the heavily burned Yanagimoto, but he shouted "What ! Who are you!", and swung a fist to the crew's head. Without success the crew went back and reported to his leader to start the evacuation. After watching the final crew's withdrawal, Yanagimoto shouted "Banzai !...Banzai !...." numerous times while he ran into the flaming bridge of Hiryu. The crews were very impressed by the sight of his sublimed death.
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    Photo No.028: A Kakejiku written by Rear Admiral Ryusaku Yanagimoto when he was the Captain of the IJN carrier Hiryu.

    七生報國 (Shichi-Shou Hou-Koku) - Unfailing devotion to one's country. (Literally: Use Seven "times" Lives to Serve the Country)

    Photo No.029: Close up of the Kakejiku.

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    Photo No.29: Actual formal dress uniform and hat of Rear Admiral Tomeo Kaku.

    Photo No.30: Rear Admiral Tomeo Kaku' s dress hat.

    Photo No.31: Painting of IJN Destroyer Yukikaze (雪風)- Snow Wind Japanese destroyer Yukikaze - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    aka "The Most Fortunate Destroyer".

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    Hi , went their a few weeks back awesome museum ,if in japan its a must !! ;-)

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    Nice NO PHOTO sign

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