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Summer Trip to Japan: Yasukuni Shrine --- Dai Tō-A Sensō (The Great East Asia War) Exibition

Article about: Nice NO PHOTO sign

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    Quote by Visniewski View Post
    Nice NO PHOTO sign
    I didn't realize the sign until I checked the photos when I got back to Shanghai......kinda of embarrassed and funny at the same time.


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    I was told the first few photos were missing and, I will up load them again.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.


    Photo No. 001: Near the main entrance of the Yasukuni Museum 遊就館 Yushukan. The Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero (Type 52) is visible.

    Photo No. 002: Port side view of the Zero. Mitsubishi A6M Zero - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Photo No. 003: Rear view of the Zero.

    Photo No. 004: IJN Type 99 Machine Gun.

    Of Note: The Imperial Japanese Navy classified their Machine guns up to <40mm, Machine Cannons from 40mm< on. The Imperial Japanese Army classified their Machine Cannon from 11mm on.

    Photo No. 005: Close up of the Japanese character of the Type 99 Machine Cannon.

    九九式二十粍一號固定機銃二型改一 (Kyu Kyu-shiki Nijyuu Miri Ichi-gou Kotei Kijyuu Ni Gata Kai Ichi) - Type 99 20mm # 1 Fixed Machine Gun Type 2 Mod.1

    Manufacturing Date: Showa 18 (1943) October

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    Photo No.032: Wood crafted model of IJN Destroyer Yukikaze.

    Photo No.033: Description of the Yukikaze model.

    駆逐艦 (Kuchiku-Kan) - Destroyer

    Made by 帆足宗次- Munetsugu Hoashi (He was a main gun crew of IJN Battleship Kirishima 霧島).

    Photo No.034: Detail of the model.

    Photo No.035: Detail of the model.
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    Photo No.036: A tribute Kakejiku for Rear Admiral Tomeo Kaku written by Sohō Tokutomi (徳富 蘇峰).

    Wiki - Tokutomi Soh

    Photo No.037: Vice Admiral Tamon Yamaguchi 's Type 1 Uniform

    Photo No.038: Collar rank tabs on the uniform. (Sorry about the blurry images, my hands was shaking when I saw the uniform)

    Photo No.039: Side view of the uniform.

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    Will post more photos, soon!

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Summer Trip to Japan: Yasukuni Shrine --- Dai T&#333;-A Sens&#333; (The Great East Asia War) Exibition  

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    Could never imagine a museum such as this in Germany, a shame really

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    Summer Trip to Japan: Yasukuni Shrine --- Dai T&#333;-A Sens&#333; (The Great East Asia War) Exibition

    Photo No.037: Reproduction painting of Parting with Oono Volunteer Squad.

    Title : 「佐野部隊長帰らざる、大野挺身隊と訣別する」

    (Sano Butaichou Kaerazaru, Oono Teishinntai to Ketsubetsu suru) - Commanding Officer Sano did not return, Parting with Oono's Volunteer Corps.

    History Background :

    Following the two previous successful backward disturbance missions on the enemy by Terzawa (寺澤) Teishinntai and, Nakazawa (中澤) Teishinntai), a 3rd unit was to be organized.

    Unit - Oono Teishin Unit, IJA 38th Division

    Location - Guadalcanal

    Personnel - Oono (大野) --- Divison Headquarter (1st Lieutenant, Leader of the Unit) *Oono's First name is unknown.

    Sachio Ijima (井嶋 佐千雄) (Sergeant)

    Katsuji Sugiyama(杉山 勝次) (Lance Corporal)

    Engineer 38th Regiment' s Record :

    On Dec 21st, 1942, Oono Teishin Unit planned a surprise attack on U.S. Headquarter (to destroy enemy military property) Sergent Ijima and, Lance Corporal Sugiyama were to join the unit. They departed from their division headquarter on the 25th, and infiltrated with Inagaki (稲垣) Unit two days later. The actual attack was fixed on the 6th of January, however there were to be no contact made and, no men were able to return to the base.....

    The U.S. point of view:

    After learning the lessons from the two previous attacks, the U.S. Units were starting to strengthen the defense line. The sneak attacks caused by the Japanese troops gave them a lot of headaches, so they began to build defense points of Inagaki Unit at Gifu in January, 1943. At last Inagaki Unit was wiped out by Gyokusai (Banzai Charge).

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    Interesting pics & info, thanks.

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    great photos...Taka-san...I can understand why your hands would be shaking!...there is alot of great history to behold all in one place..and especially being near a key figures uniform or personal effect. The "Zero" is an awesome sight! Best Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

    “The farther back you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” - Winston Churchill

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    Thank you for the kind comments, Larry-san.

    Yes, I was very excited to see all this historical artifacts, to excited almost got myself a stomach cramp, LOL! Good thing there were only few people at the exhibition.

    One of my dream is to fly in a Zero, what a beauty!


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