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The tooth of a God?

Article about:

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    Quote by big ned View Post
    Lol. No, but the video in the O P's article claims it might be a 1 in 3 chance, so it could be said the odds are on your side. It's just me playing Advocatus Diaboli for the hell of it, so don't get too precious old boy.

    For interest only, here's a video of the discovery.

    Regards, Ned.
    I figured you were more his Full-Time Legal Council , not just an advocate .
    And if Yamamoto's plane crashed on my Island , I'd be selling gold teeth to suckers all day long .

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    It's hard to imagine his fast food tasting any good, judging from his extremely bad taste in the whole perverted matter.

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    It is sad really to see a Great man regardless of what side he was on..reduced to a Gold tooth..and what that is worth.But then not all worth is determined with money. G.

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    In the "old days" virtually all teeth were crowned by cast gold restorations. Dental gold was often a mixture of actual gold with other metals placed into the mixture for hardness. Relatively speaking, the price of gold at the time was less than what it is now, so quite a few people across the economic spectrum may have had these in their mouths. If they chose to omit a cast restoration like this, then the tooth could be pulled out or might have been allowed to remain in use until it simply rotted out. What the narrator claims to be a tooth is a cast gold crown or 3/4 quarter gold crown with "Pontic" or false tooth soldered or cast alongside the other restoration in order to fill a space where another tooth may have been missing. Crowns don't normally have DNA present unless the tooth and crown fracture off/out together. Without dental records, this is an interesting story but unlikely that the tooth could be tied in any way to Admiral Yamamoto.

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