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Twin Flags Senninbari

Article about: Hello all,I thought I would share some photos of a nice Senninbari I recently acquired.I like it because it has several interesting things about it that make it a little different than the v

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    Another fine piece Geoff. These senninbari are a fascinating subject to collect!



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    Very nice Geoff! You have taken your senninbari to an added level by tracking down a fine example of the Yen note sewn inside it. ...And I agree with Russ too, senninbari are an amazing subject to study and collect.

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    Well the "Sale" finally happened!! A big thanks to my friend Terri for the heads up!! She has always put up with my picky selections of materials and unorthodox ideas for mounting items.She has been a credit to her craft and genuinely interested in the preservation of these Items,She has always done a fantastic job and I wanted to say if you can be lucky enough to find someone who cares enough to take the care and respect due these pieces of history, be sure to let them and their employer know what an asset they are.I am tickled to share my newly framed Senninbari with everyone!I hope the original owner wherever he is, would be pleased. Regards,Geoff
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Twin Flags Senninbari  

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    Default Twin Flags Senninbari

    Wow! That is probably one of the most beautifully framed/displayed senninbari that I have seen. Congratulations on a fine presentation of this historic item. You are to be commended. Thank you for sharing.


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    Hi Geoff,
    Everything has been told, nice item and very clever display enlightening it. In this way you not only see what is hidden inside, but you also understand the very purpose of the cloth, being worn as a (good luck) belt.

    Thanks for sharing it's evolution in your collection.

    Best regards,

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