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Type 90 Cover for opinions

Article about: Hello again all, Sorry to bring up this thread again but there are still some uncertainty in regards to what this cover actually is. Thanks to the invaluable help from other members (and a l

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    Not annoyed or disinterested. Perhaps many of those who posted simply aren't well versed on Japanese helmet covers. Many now know to be wary if they should encounter this cover. Cheers

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    Quote by Sir Payne View Post
    It's an interesting cover that shows some age, but it doesn't have hardly anything in common with the standard 1st and 2nd pattern army covers. Everything, from the materials used...down to the construction of the star is different. I doubt it would be a civilian cover because of the army star. How does it smell?
    It is certainly interesting and I have never seen anything like it. It may well be an old movie prop made from canvas for strength. It has a very old musty smell. Cheers
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    If it were a movie prop it wouldn't need an ink stamp inside. As a repro made in the 70s - 80s it might smell too

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    Quote by christek View Post
    Many thanks for your always interminable and informative knowledge

    Thanks Taka, not a problem, my comment was intended to be a little tongue in cheek. I would still like to know more about the stamp if at all possible. My problem is more in regards to finding out what it was made for. I have resigned to the possibility that this may never be known In any case, many thanks for your help! Cheers.
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    Sometimes I write few words ,depending what im doing at that given time. I helps sometimes people not to buy item ,for later to give the explanation.

    Often people dont like to hear the truth.

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