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Type 90 Japanese Helmet. Is it WW2 Period?

Article about: Have a chance at buying this helmet at \\$250. I know little about these type 90 helmets. The liner and chinstrap look suspect to me though. Any info and opinion would be greatly appreciated!

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    Yes as stated post war refurbished by another Asian country possibly Thailand. The star has been added. Someone tried to pass it as something it no longer is! Could of had a Siamese insignia

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    An original unboogered helmet will sell for around 800 to 1,000. The liner is not IJA WWII. The shell may be original (they cracked like this example) but the liner has been replaced. Original liners are three leather pads with cloth ties for the chin strap. The star has been added to deceive. NH

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    Well this one sold at auction this past weekend for just over $500. Someone is going to be thoroughly upset when they find out the bad news. Glad its not this guy

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    I think it is an original shell but in this state 100 is more appropriate - not 500. It looks to have a manufacturer mark and size mark in the shell - the rest is post war or bogus. The buyer wasted their cash on this one. NH

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    It just looks odd from first looks

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    It is a Kobe Seiko manufactured helmet - the S logo in the diamond identifies it as such. Kanji symbol = large. A real shell boogered up post war. NH

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