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Unusual navy flag - real or fake?

Article about: I'd appreciate opinions on this flag. Approximately 4'x6'. Does not glow under blacklighted, except for a few specs of contamination from laundry powder or something. No visible points of at

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    Neat to learn something new ! So the lack of tie strings, devices, lanyard is because it's more of an award than a functional flag?

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    Looks like Scott really likes the flag, as my comments did not really support it. The flag raises questions, but if one is a collector of qualification badges, one might justify the risk, due to its association with the exams. It could still be fake, if you need me to be blunt.

    No, it is not an award. I only said it is marked "Ministry of the Navy, Certification Exam" as it would say on the prize plaques you got with the badges. However, awards MUST have the year of the exam on them, so clearly it is not an award. However, if it was for those who didn't make it that far, something in the vein of honorable mention or so, it is conceivable that they got some cheap item without being specific to the year. I have detailed regulations for those badges, but don't have the time to go through all the legalese again now, but I don't remember reading anything like such consolation prizes, so the open question bothers me and represents a risk.

    It is clearly marked in connection with the exams, but "the purpose etc will remain a question" is what I said. The flag is not a navy ensign, so it does not need to have the same hoisting provisions, but must have a sleeve, etc to allow hanging.

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    Thanks for clarification. Very interesting! I have a few navy award items such as porcelain plate, numerous plaques, silver cups & model samurai helmet.

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    Nick, You are truly an asset to the collector community... Thanks for all you do here !!
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    Thanks again for the help. I've decided to get a refund as it does not align with my collecting interest. I'll know better next time I see a similar item.


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    Probably best to be safe than sorry, Scott. However, just one thing I would add in favor of the flag is that it is a good size to have. As I mentioned in my article, the official national flag only came in 3 sizes and this one matches the smallest official national flag. Most homes would have had the civilian version of the army design to cross with the national flag, but this allowed a navy guy's family to proudly show their affiliation and get rid of the "annoying army flag".

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    I finally found all the victory flags associated with the Navy Proficiency badges. Here's an example.
    They also had 3 levels of prizes, but they all seem to be silver cups ( Sake cups or Schnapps cups.)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Unusual navy flag - real or fake?  

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