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Vet bring back Japanese sword

Article about: I recently acquired this but know nothing about it, can anyone tell me the age and type of sword this is? I think it's missing what is called the tsuba.

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    I agree with Bob. I collect WWII guntos and their tsuba are different than something you are contemplating! You will have a hard time finding a tsuba that perfectly fits your blade, though. Finding one in person will work better than shopping online. Japanese swords vary in size and shape, especially the ones made the traditional way.

    Bob, I will quote myself "Sorry, my tablet's auto-correct went wild"! I was in a hurry and didn't proof-read my text.

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    Quote by Bruce Pennington View Post
    Sorry, my tablet's auto-correct went wild. Google search Ohmura study civilian employee.
    I thought maybe you had just a wee bit to much wine.

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    You can find an inexpensive older plain iron tsuba in the $200-$300 range. I have never had a problem finding a piece to replace a missing tsuba. Besides the hole for the nakago, you also need to match thickness so the mekugi ana or hole in the tang and the handle line up. You might try Moses Becarra at Nihonto Antiques. If you send him your sword along with your price range, he can likely help you. The old handle fittings are very generic low end so a simple tsuba would match perfectly. It is possible the original owner kept the tsuba as a keepsake as he was surrendering his sword.


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    Thanks a lot, the search is on.

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    Quote by SteveR View Post
    I thought maybe you had just a wee bit to much wine.
    Steve, nailed it!

    Bob, interesting thought about keeping the tsuba during surrender! F & G mentions that guys would often keep their tassels, and this sword probably held strong sentimental value, so I could definitely see that happening.

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