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What is this? Japanese?

Article about: Thanks for your responses guys! This is eating me up for some reason. I really liked the look of it and it only cost me \\$15. That would be pretty cool if it is WW1, Wolf. I collect that era

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    Quote by Teutonicknights View Post
    Thinks I might have something, the red and white might be signal flag colors of some kind it might be a lead, but now I remember...
    Thanks, Mike. I'm starting to feel hopeless with this one. I'd love to know what this thing is!

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    i don't think its imperial i think it looks more eastern world eg jap ,china etc
    unfortunatly there are so many similarities to other navy badges it makes it hard to id does the black clothe come off


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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    Wouldn't WWI German have had a crown on it too? Für der Kaiser, of course... Just a thought.. William
    You are right. It should have a crown over the anchor to be Imperial German.
    Civilian yacht club blazer crest ? It's got me stumped...............!


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    GP whats on the upper part of the square that looks like a knot? Could this be a crown maybe? Or am I just seeing things?

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    Hi GP, Looks to me like a shipping company house flag, thousands of them out there, did a quick search but no luck, check them out. all the best, Willie.

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