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43asw w/44asw scabbard matching?

Article about: both numbered 2655 lower case script "V". I'm thinking end of 43 made and scabbard made in 44? Doug

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    Default 43asw w/44asw scabbard matching?

    43asw w/44asw scabbard matching?43asw w/44asw scabbard matching?both numbered 2655 lower case script "V". I'm thinking end of 43 made and scabbard made in 44? Doug
    Attached Images Attached Images 43asw w/44asw scabbard matching? 43asw w/44asw scabbard matching? 
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    Hi Doug..yes 2 separate years which would make this unmatching..but the same producer, EF Horster.

    Any photos? Regards Larry

    k98 bayonets data and registry
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    i added some pictures. Any thoughts? Doug

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    I have one of these also. The story I was told/read was that the 44 asw stamp for the blade broke and for a certain series of these the 43asw stamp was used until the 44asw stamp was replaced. Mine has serial # 5315 with a script t on both the scabbard and blade. I will try and find the info I am quoting.

    Semper Fi

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    Interesting Phil...there has to be a reasonable explanation. The odds of finding a matching serial number but different year scabbard are too remote IMHO. And if you have one too well....need I say more...
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    As Phil stated, once the center of an intense discussion years ago now I think that most agree that these were 1944 bayonets. That in mid-year to continue production had to take a 1943 maker stamp out of storage until a replacement was acquired. Comprising a production block of at least 30,000 bayonets. With as I recall one of the pieces of evidence being the single Waffenamt on the pommel (versus the two on 1943 dated Hörster bayonets). Best Regards, Fred

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    Thank You Fred for chiming in. I was given my bayonet as a gift from my coworker when I left the Marine Corps Adversary program and started to researched it 12 1/2 years ago and found the info I was quoting. I was having a heck of a time finding it again.
    Thanks for the back up
    Semper Fi

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    Nice s84/98 totally agree with Fred 44 issued bayonet I have owned several like it. timothy

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    As already stated correctly by Fred and Timothy these 43/44asw marked S84/98 are of 1944 manufacture. They left the factory in this configuration and should be considered matching 1944 production bayonets. As far as the production series ...... The first confirmed examples are in the very late o block with continuous production through p, q, r, s, t, u, v, ending with the last known pieces found in the very early w block. My thoughts only ....

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