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ASW 42 Bayonet

Article about: Hello, everyone! Hope all is well. I acquired this bayonet a few months ago and never really figured out what the frog was marked as? It is Luftwaffe, right? Annoyed from this ads?   If

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    I don't have much on Luft units but have a few listed I looked it up in limited reference I have Luftgaukommando 7 became part of Luftgaukommando 8 it was a Fliegerkorp for various flights transport, and other flights it was a district gau or territory of Luftwaffe units responsible for certain areas looks like 7 or later 8 was in the east lists Breslau, Pilsen for one of their areas. timothy

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    I really do appreciate all the help!

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    What seems to be most common with Luftwaffe unit marked frogs that I’ve seen are period airbases, different Commands, Flak units etc. With this example of a specific Luftwaffe clothing warehouse at a Command level (“Bekl L.-Lg . XII = Bekleidungslager Luftgaukommando XII”) not as common. But with the “L.B.A. (S) part - from past research there were some questions, so I decided to err on the side of caution by waiting before commenting to see if some new information has turned up from multiple primarily U.S. collections either in hand or acknowledged. With the tally at least so far from U.S. sources seeming to confirm a signifiant predominance of the LBA (S) types of markings over the LBA only types to the exclusion of other markings on Luftwaffe bayonet frogs. And while I personally have never seen a Luftwaffe bayonet frog that is marked either “LBA B”, or “LBA Bf”, in collecting TR items you never what legitimate items might be out there waiting to be discovered. Remembering faintly some other discussions in the dim past where it was alleged that there was also an (N) marking for Nord(?), and maybe some other markings. That if they were ever in circulation were not proven to be period with the information at hand from U.S. Veteran sources. Best Regards, Fred

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    There are only LBA, LBA(S) and LBA B marks an frogs.

    The other stamps... B, E etc. are stamps of the Heeresbekleidungsämter (B=Berlin, E= Erfurt etc.)

    hier are LBA, LBA B and LBA (S) stamps on frogs. These markings are not realy scare.

    Bielefeld don´t handle such leather equipment.

    There are no mystery... in the german regulations and orders you can find such informations...

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ASW 42 Bayonet   ASW 42 Bayonet  

    ASW 42 Bayonet  

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    Thx gents for the info, learned something new


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    My thanks also. Would I be correct in assuming that the “L.B.A.B36” frog is an earlier one? One of the things in collecting that I found interesting with first the fall of the “Berlin Wall” and later the “Iron Curtain” were the imports for a relatively brief period of leftover (many never issued) Wehrmacht items that were sometimes scarcely seen from where the Western Allies had been operational. With sometimes the opposite being true for other items. Being in agreement that the original period documentation where it is available is important with for example the TL (Technische Lieferbibedingungen) for bayonet conversions one example where some bayonet types seem to be lacking. But on the plus side, another period order showing that there were no “gold” General Officer’s daggers (yes for the hangers - no for the daggers themselves). Noting that it took a number of years to find a period source for the “S” codes - and who knows what tomorrow will bring?

    In any event, the Luftwaffe frogs as a group IMO were not lacking in diversity, with the one attached older image (lacking some later additions) showing some of the different examples that can be encountered. And a few additional examples, of a 1937 vintage “L.B.A.” marked frog, along with a 1939 dated “L.B.A.(S) example made using unfinished (natural) leather. Best Regards to All, Fred
    Attached Images Attached Images ASW 42 Bayonet ASW 42 Bayonet ASW 42 Bayonet 

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    yes some makers made frogs in buff leather. The last i found is out of 1941.

    The LBA B stamp seams to be used 1936 - 39

    The earliest is the LBA stamp, out of a time only one Luftwaffenbekleidungsamt existed in Berlin.

    LBA (S) and LBA B came later.

    In the Technische Lieferbededingungen are Informations about bayonets?

    This Informations in the most cases you can find in the Heeres-Mitteilungsblättter, Heeres- and Marine- and Luftwaffe-Verordnungsbläter.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ASW 42 Bayonet   ASW 42 Bayonet  

    ASW 42 Bayonet  

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    My mistake from a cross-referenced note that was in error, I should have used a more generic English language 'Technical Bulletin'. With one of the known technical bulletins: "L.V. bl. 1942 48 Ausgabe vom 23. November 1942" that described the conversion of the Seitengewhre 102 ind 103 (f) ie: French Lebel spike bayonets that were shortened and had the quillons removed. Wheras the conversion specifications document(s) for the much more common Czech Vz. 24 series and it's copies/variations seem to be nowhere to be found (regrettably I once had a line on a set not in hand that was going to be available but it did not work out). Best Regards, Fred

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