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Article about: Hello all, Im new to the forum and recently came across some old German military stuff after a reletive passed away. He was in the european theater during the period in and around D-day. He

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    Default Bayonet?

    Hello all, Im new to the forum and recently came across some old German military stuff after a reletive passed away. He was in the european theater during the period in and around D-day. He left all sorts of treasures ill post a link to all the other stuff here.

    Ill try and put the right things in the right forum, so here is a Bayonet, with sheath. It looks to me like its been sharpened, likely after the war by my relative (I think he had it by his bed to stab a would-be intruder!) and the handle doesnt look quite right for vintage. My buddy who has M1's says its not a US bayonet.

    Im not quite sure how much of this stuff I want to keep, maybe a few items, but I would also be willing to entertain any offer someone makes. Im between jobs right now so my desire to keep some of these items is likely to be outweighed by my desire to eat!

    Thanks for the help!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Bayonet?   Bayonet?  

    Bayonet?   Bayonet?  

    Bayonet?   Bayonet?  

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    Default Re: Bayonet?

    Wow! your relative certainly got a nice assortment of things during the war have you inbherited these? if so you've done well!

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    Default Re: Bayonet?

    Nice collection of WWII German items.............!

    The grip plates are not original to this K98 bayonet, as you guessed.


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    Default Re: Bayonet?

    Welcome to the Forum.

    What you have there is a WW2 German S84-98 bayonet which fitted the Mauser Kar 98k infantry rifle.

    The grips have been replaced and the attachment mechanism is missing.

    Quite common for GIs to modify items they "found" - including all the chrome plated Lugers whish are still around.

    Not worth a great deal of money I'm afraid - although the leather frog does look in quite good condition.

    Hope that helps a little.



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    Default Re: Bayonet?

    As Richie B said. It is a very cool piece, though not worth much. It is nice that you will have these things.

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    Default Re: Bayonet?

    Yeah, i didnt think they had fake mother of pearl plastic back then. Still pretty cool! The sheath is in perfect condition- maybe someone with a cherry K98 will want the sheath and i will just keep the bayonet. I really like it!

    Thanks for the expert info! Im super impressed with the knowledge on these forums. There is very little specific information available from internet searches when you dont know what the names of some of this stuff is.

    There was a really nice dagger that someone else in the family picked up that was the same vintage but in stellar condition, I wish i had a picture of it.

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    Default Re: Bayonet?

    You should really have everything together. If it was put together after the war, no one has touched it. I still think this is a wonderful piece, including your helmets. If you don't like the grips(this I do not suggest doing) replace them with real ones. It might not be original, but it looks more original.

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