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Bayonet fake or not ?

Article about: Hi, i am asking about my bayonet is it fake ? and if it is worhtless And just for fun a nazi flask i found in an antic store Best regards John.

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    Thank you all for the replys i am so loving this site ) here are the pics

    Bayonet fake or not ?Bayonet fake or not ?

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    Circuit advertisement Bayonet fake or not ?
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    Okay, so a non-matching numbers bayo. Not worth a lot, Im afraid.

    The first letter might be weak, but it could be 'ASW' stamped with the 'A' very weakly stamped?

    If so, that would make it a 'Hörster, Solingen' marked scabbard.

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    the frog is one out of Romania... The bayonet shows staps by using after 1945 in an east european country. These are no German (until 1945 + DDR) stamps

    IMO the bayonet was used in Romania, too.

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