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Bursting my Bayonet cherry

Article about: Hi Guys, This week I picked up my first bayonet. Although a mismatch between bayo and scabbard, it still displays well, and gives a bit more depth to my small TR helmet collection. It is sta

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    I think that you also have to factor in who, and where, the makers were when taking manufacturing quality into account. With as Brad mentioned, leather that could have been originally been in a scrap or reject pile now found suitable for use. With something that was not as noticeable in the photos I posted being the thinness of the stamped calfskin tie strap - that I don’t think would have been seen used with a holster. But the other unmarked one I first mentioned is fully equal in quality and attention to detail as much earlier frogs. And circa 1942/43 some major makers of standard frogs used a thinner, but still reasonably good quality leather, while some much thicker late manufacture leather is of very poor quality. And then there are also the foreign leather goods makers to be considered. Who sometimes deviated from what was being made inside Germany itself with what would have been considered “non-standard” components that had little or no impact on the item's serviceability. Regards to all, Fred
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    yes of course. For this frog type leather parts were used which normal can be called as scrap.

    Regular models were also made out of the same kind of thin leather .

    But it is not only the quality of the leather... often the black lacquer is in a bad quality, too

    Because of the fragile construction the problems with the leather quality and thinness become by the M42 more a problem as by the regular models.

    The Problems by the manufacturing of leather was a lack of needed chemicals for the tanning, which came to Germany by import. This Problem were recognized in the 1930´th years... an the German industry tried to find a solution... one way was the development of leatherette and Pressstoff. In the later years of war the German industry had to use spare or other chemicals for tanning... this were often mixed with acid substances... or reacted or crumbling after years inside the leather to an acid mixture (the same problem you can find by modern shoe care products...) This products were not made for eternity... only to bridge the time... by the mater of time this leather decays or is in a bad condition or of "low quality".


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    i found this model in my collection.

    It´s made of high quality leather with the smooth side out.

    All i know have no marker marks.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Bursting my Bayonet cherry   Bursting my Bayonet cherry  

    Bursting my Bayonet cherry   Bursting my Bayonet cherry  

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